Shark attacks on tourists in Egypt

Three tourists were injured in a rare attack of the shark in the waters of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea in Egypt.
Was evacuated
Suspension of all water sports at the resort located in the Red Sea after three attacks, except for a small area.

It is believed that one of the wounded were in critical condition at a hospital in the capital, Cairo.

And authorities were searching for a shark rare women with the pointed end, which is believed to be responsible for the attack.

The fish will be returned to the water away after the find.

The news agency Associated Press reports that Mohamed Salem one responsible for the protection of marine life in the resort, saying that all the patients are from Russia.

And attacks such as this type of shark is very rare, and the shark attack in the Red Sea is unusual.

Says John Leyne BBC in Cairo from Sharm el-Sheikh resort more frequented by tourists for diving, so the decision to suspend water sports do not take easily.


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