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Another British study for tomatoes, and protect the rights of the most dangerous diseases era

There isenormous benefitdiscovered byscientistsfrom thetomatoes,and the extent ofprotection ofrightsof the most seriousdiseases of this ageis a diseaseof cancer,hasconductedexperimentsfor a number ofscientistsat the Universityof Bristoland theresults werethat 70% of menwho atetomatoesregularlydo not developdiseaseprostateandprostate cancer,andcardiovascular diseasevessels.

As for those whodo not liketomatoesordealt witha littlemoresusceptible to theseserious diseases,anddoctors saythatthemanthatdeals with10mealsof tomatoesper week (meal150grams),andscientists have confirmedthatthe benefit oftomatoesliesin the presence oflycopenein tomatoes, whichis considered one ofthe strongestpowerful antioxidants,andprotect DNAandcells,
Doctors recommendmento stay away fromtoo muchfatty foodsandsalt, fast food, smokingalsoincreases theincidenceof prostatecancerandseriousheart disease.

Rare Pictures appearance of an object in a giant sea Egypt Marsa Alam

Freightgiantobjectappearedin Egyptturned offDaedalusareasouth ofMarsa Alam, a"whalesharkpeaceful",it has been detectedby a group ofdiversin the south ofMarsa Alam,andis consideredthe largestsharkinthe whole world.
SaidresearcherDr. AhmedGhalebthat the appearance ofwhalesharkbecamenatural phenomenain recent times,and hethrives onthe typeofalgaecalled "AlvetoBlanco),andsaid that thiswhaledoes not haveanyrisk tohuman.
They also saidabout him,that thewhale sharkis the typewho appearedvery rarespecies ofsharkspeaceful.
It isthe largesttypes ofsharksthat liveby the sea,13 metersin lengthand weighsabout 32tons,and that theappearanceofthe rare cases,andthiswill make thetourism in theRed Seamore attractivefor tourists, becausejust to seerepresentgreat funfor touristsin the region.