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Rare pictures of the explosion of a star

Photosarerarefor the explosion ofa starin space,astronomerswere ablefor the first timetodraw a pictureof whatis beingintegrated scientificstarwithinfew minutes before theoutburst.
Thescientists were able toalsotalkofusing thetelescopeMap-rayemissionscaused byhigh-energymaterialsthat areat the heart ofthe starbefore theoutburstdirectly.
Scientists saythesestarburstshavethe benefit ofa very largewhere shethrowsin thespacemostimportantelements necessarytoconstitute aformof life andthe different elementsof the material.

The arrest of the most dangerous Israeli spy in Egypt

Was arrestedrecentlyontwo spiesfromMenoufia Governorateon charges ofspying forIsrael,the first defendantnamedRamziMohammed AhmedShebinialiasAbdullahAboul FotouhShebiniaccusedandthe second is calledthe magicIbrahim Mohamedsafetywithtwo officersofthe MossadTheySamuelBen-Ze'evandDavidWiseman.

Thefirst defendantis thecenterof thevillageBatanoonShebinMenoufia Governoratewhich isbetter known asAbdullahbelongs to the familyof moderate means, Has madethe migration ofillegallyto ItalyviaLibyain2008, but helaterbecame atravelinglegitimatelyhavingpossessedthe moneyandnoted thatthe defendantsayshisneighborsthat hebadbehaviorandalwayshad hopedto get rich quickandalways looking forfunSacredHe was marriedtohis first wifebesideithe was ina romantic relationshipwiththe secondaccusedcharm andnoted thatthe defendant's familyhadannounced that it hasdisownedhimandthey did nottheyknowanything about himin recent months.It is noted thatthe Attorney Generalhad orderedthe arrest ofthe accusedofficerswit…