Pictures .. "One-eyed shark," shark alien with one eye!!Pictures .. "One-eyed shark," shark alien with one eye!!

Fisherman discovered the Gulf of California, the shark with one eye, and so-called "one-eyed shark," and as a result of the deterioration of the marine environment. Raised the one-eyed shark considerable debate over the past months, where he was said rumors of a picture fabricated and the tricks sham by Alffucob, while the Agency issued MSNBC for scientific research report that the shark-eyed real and not illusory, and that the fish alive until now.
Said Felipe Galvan Majania expert sharks, from the Centro, Mexico: "This is extremely rare as far as I know, has recorded this fish from among 50 cases of abnormalities of fish, as the shark-eyed, or with one eye nicknamed" Salqhob "or" the thickness of the bull "and know that is characterized by congenital Badtarabh rare and behavior is expected, although it has failed in the front part introduction to the brain."
And breed, "penny-eyed" in the late summer and early fall in the water shallow located at the mouths of rivers after pregnancy for 12 months, and can be a female shark bull born from 4 to 10 piasters a small, mature in 10 years, and one of the largest predators, and rarely afraid to attack him another animal, according to the newspaper "daily Mail" British.


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