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Video clip strange man walking on the water with ease

RadioOneforeign channelsa video clipofa U.S. citizencanwalk onhis feetabove the waterwithoutsinking,twistinghis bodyand theway thatit is difficult forthe humando.
Asthe channelmixin this videoare somescenes ofthe famous AmericanactorSamoilJackson,who gavethe mana supernaturalcharacterinoneof his films.
Thevideohas achievedwidespreadon the pages ofsocial networkingina few hours.

Rape of British tourist in Sharm el-Sheikh, and saw the reaction of the British Foreign Office on it

British touristwasrapedin one of theresortcity ofSharm el-Sheikh,It hasbeenone ofthe Britishwomenrapedinher room,andthatthe newspaper"DailyMail"the British, hesaidthat thetouristwasraped bythe guard, whotake herto her roomat thetourist resort,andwas introduced bythestronglyandassaulting her.

The newspaper reportedthat Ms.receivedquick helpfromthe British Foreign Office,andthey senttoBritainto receive treatmentthere.
Has designedthe British Foreign Officeto open an investigationinto this incident,andespecially as it isnot the first timeforthese acts, theState Department warnedthe Britishbythe increasingcases of sexual harassmenttothe British inEgypt,has beenspottedmany cases ofharassmentand rapein Egypt,has warnedthe British ForeignGovernmentEgyptiangrowingphenomenonthat can leadtolack ofBritonstouristsin Egypt.

Rare pictures of animals and women's breasts

Photosarerare, andaComedy forGrangeron thebreastof women,include arareand beautifulpicturesofthese animalshave not seenbefore,and thepictures showthe extent oftendernessand beauty ofwomenon theanimalsand theanimalsattachedto these women.
Maternityspringtendernessand gracebestowedupon mankind, animals,and fungibyevery living organism, abehaviorinstinctivelyflowingwithout interruption,is characterized bysensitivityand compassion, calm andemotion,which isalsosetfeelingshomogeneousinstinctive,andanimalsof allbreedsand types ofGod putthematernal instinct,world ofthe animalworldis full ofsacrifices, love andcompassion.

Egyptian TV scandal "Maspero" The presence of the building Nightwear

Thestrange incidentina buildingRadio and Television Union"Maspero"was foundsleepingshirt300WomeninMaspero, inthesecurity sectorthroughthe work ofinspection tourssurprisetosome officeswhere there areemployeesin thebuilding ofRadio and Television Union.

Security sectorfoundonthe T-shirts,anddiscovered thatthere are somewomensellmassive amountsof clothingandunderwearWomeninMasperobuildingand call it asystemwherethe trunkandthe trunkattendthe workingpublishthis stuffon the staff.
I discoveredthis factby chanceduring the passage ofSecurity,where he foundgatheredmany of theworkers and employeesinsideaofficebuildingand the presence ofgoodsoffered for saleareflippingthem,wasimmediatelyreservationonthe trunkanddiscovered thatbyabout 300sleep shirtandsomeunderwear,which is currently underinvestigationinthis incident.

View Video snake kill a priest was used in the ritual of the Church

Is avideorumoredkilling ofpastorthe churchby asnakewasusedin theritualof the church,ina small churchin centralKentucky-American,wasthe Rev.J.Coatesoffershis "SnaikSalvashen",which displayson thestationNational Geographictelevision, carryingpoisonous snakesas part of thereligious rituals.During thatone ofthepoisonous snakesto killthe Rev.