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Mursi declares a state of emergency in three Egyptian governorates

Egyptian PresidentMohamed MorsiSundaya state of emergencyin three provincesinthe Suez CanalareaafterdozenswerekilledsinceSaturday.

He also announceda curfewin the provincesbetweenthenintheveningandsixinthemorning,andas ofMonday.
Theprotests eruptedinPortSaidafterdeathjudgmentagainst21accusedin theviolencepermeatedin thefootballmatchbetweenAl-AhlyandMasryClublast year.
And30 peoplewerekilledin theunrestinthecityonSaturday,and3 othersdiedin the funeral ofthevictimson Sunday.

Jan. 25 will be the Day of Rage

Agreedrevolutionary forcesinEgypton severalmarches,andtheyare"16"marchoutintoTahrir Square,FederalPalaceandalsorevolutionaryEgyptMidayn,as well as thepolitical forceshasannouncedits refusalto raise thepoliticalsignsoranythingbuttheEgyptianflagorflagsandpictures of martyrs.
It was agreedto startmarchesfromthree o'clockin the afternoon,anddecidesitor notat subsequent meetings,andstartmarchingin Cairoheadingmarchesspecialareaeast of CairotowardsPalaceFederal,whileheadingmarcheswestGreater CairotowardsTahrir Square,is scheduledto be launchedMsertanofShubramovingthe firstbearing the name«MinaDanielfor editingand the secondunderthenameof'national unity'andheading towards theSalah SalemandthentotheFederalPalace.
Andlauncheda number ofralliesinthe fields ofrevolutionin various provinces,is scheduled toTanttalegmarchesin Alexandriafromall fieldsto a mosqueleaderIbrahimunder the slogan«rebelsAlexandria», and inSuezlaunchedmarchesofall streetstoMartyrs' Squareandthe forty…

You pictures the world's most luxurious prison: prison BEAUNE!

Seemsthattheconceptofprisonsindeveloped countriesisverydifferentfrom what it isinournations,has publishedaforeignWebsitespictures ofoneofthemostluxuriousprisonin the world,"prisonBEAUNE"StamarkinAustria.This includestheprisonall the needsoftheindividual,startingfromthebasicsup to theentertainment andsports.

Netanyahu to Obama: Israelis decide alone defend their interests

U.S. President BarackObamahassaidthat"Israeldoesnotknowtheirinterest," andin response,Israeli Prime MinisterBenjaminNetanyahuthattheIsraelis"decidealone"tobetterdefendtheir interests,headedbyhiswordstoU.S.PresidentBarackObama.

Netanyahusaidinresponseto a question aboutcomments attributedto U.S. PresidentlessthanaweekbeforetheIsraelilegislative elections, "I thinkthatthewholeworldknows that theIsraelicitizensdecidealonewillgenuinelyvitalinterestsofthe State of Israel,"

Movie star Jackie Chan: America's top corruption in the world!

Raisedactor JackieChanpermitsrecentwave ofobjectionswithinthemediaandthe United States, after thepermitssawsomesemi-motorcycletowardthe country thatgavehimfameand still is today,andhelpedthemtocreatewealthtodayisestimatedatU.S.$ 130 million.

Saidduringhisspeechthat the United Statesis one of themostdevelopedcountriesintheworldwherecorruptionnestles.TheChanalsoaddedhiswordsthat the majority oftheproblemsafflicting the worldcome fromtheUnitedStatesofAmericaitself.

Here ..All questions embarrassing fear that explain it

There arealotofquestions, whichtouched oninthemindsofgirls and womenonissuesrelatedtobodyandskincare,andbetalking about itawkwardandnot easyforthem.Here aresome of thesequestions andanswersbyexperts.
Suffersmostgirlsoflack of experienceonthe natural statethat you should bethenipple, whichcreatesconcernsmanyintheir mindsmay reachtheirsuspicionthat theyare infectedwith serious diseasessuch ascancer tumors,andtohelp youget ridof these concernswill answersome of the questionsthat can bethattouchonyourmindonthissubject.
-Isufferfromchappednipples.What do I do?
Occurcrackedor bleedingnipplesusuallyincasesofbreastordue to the infectionofthenippleor eczema,fungalorbecauseoftheseveredry skinor clothingortheeffectsofdetergentsoraointmentsorcreamsorbreastbath soaps,perfumesorcologne.In this caseadvisedtostayawayfromtheuseofsoap,lotionorperfumeonthenipple.All you needisalaundry,orwashingcleanwarm waterto maintainthe cleanliness of thebreastsandnipples,greasenipplecanVaselineo…

Assad recommends senior officers beat Israel in the event of his assassination!

Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assadofhismilitarycommanders,thatintheeventofhisassassination, itgivesamandatetothegroundfor seniorleadersin the military andintelligencewithongoingmissilestrikesagainsttargets insideIsrael.
Healsoorderedthefiring of rocketsagainstcuttingU.S.andIsraelimilitaryin the Red Sea,and the Mediterranean Sea,anddisruptairtrafficovertheMediterraneanSea,through thetargeting ofcivilianaircraftin Europe.

Did you know?! Pet beneficial to human health

Oftensaidthatpetscan be beneficialtohumanhealth.Certainlyexercisewith a dogwillnothurt,butisthereany evidence ofthat?Answera number of studiesalreadyconcludedthatpetscan have apositive impact.SaidDetlevNaulth,Secretary-General of theresearchgroup"petsin the community",
Theprevailingresearch methodologyfor decadesisthepsycho-socialapproachandheldthatthestudyoftheeffectsofcertaincurriculumforpetowners"
TheNaulthindicatesthat the resultswere basedprimarily onsurveysand observations, sothe results are notvery strong.Addingthat,however,scientificresearch approachesevolvedgradually.Andthereismuch evidence thatpetuseful forownersinmanyways.For example,therearephysicalbenefits, one of whichis clear andisanimportantexercise.

For the first time: Messi and Cristiano in the same team!!

Andapproveda starBarcelona and Real Madrid,LionelMessi and Cristiano Ronaldo,to join theteamandoneCiecklhthe International Federation ofFootball"FIFA"in a campaignaimed attheprevention of diseaseand the fight againstthe scourge of drugs,andwill be among theeventsmatchescharityin different placesof the world.MessiandRonaldoattheforefrontoftheapproversof the stars oftheworldto jointhisteam,tobethefirst time thatthetwo starsArgentineandPortugueseinoneteam.
Andwill carrythe team, which will includeMessiand Ronaldoname"FIFA 11",andwill play11 gamesin differentparts of the world,is likely to seeSeenreputed namessuch asIvory Coast's DidierDrogba andItalianGianluigi BuffonandSpain's CarlosPuyolandSamuel Eto'oandGhana's MichaelEssien,and other players.Therelationshipbetweentheplayerslookat their best,due totheintensecompetitionbetweenthemonindividualawardsandnumbers,aswellasthehistorical conflictbetweentheirteamsBarcelona and Real Madrid,andusuallyavoidshakin…

Unidentified attacking the residence of the Ambassador of Egypt, Belgium

VandalsattackedtheresidenceofEgypt'sambassadortoBelgium,and set fire tothe outer perimeterof the building,alsothrewglassexterior windowswithstones,andtheyhavemaimedexterior wallswithpaint,without causingcasualties, whileBelgianpolicecontinuetheir efforts touncoverthecircumstancesofthe attack.
AsissuedbytheEgyptianEmbassyinBrusselsastatementinwhichitconfirmedwastheresidenceoftheAmbassador,FatimaZahraEtman,for "assault"by unknown,at about1:30am onWednesday,aretheBelgiancapital,officialshaveruled outtheEgyptianForeignMinistryto bethere, "motivesbehind thispoliticalattack.
ConfirmedAmbassadorFatima Zahrawasat her residencefor theattack,andsaidin remarkstoTV"Dream"on Wednesday evening:"I was surprisedby thegroup of people,trying toignite afirein the house ofthe diplomatic mission,andalso the homeof my,usersin thatAchammarej,andAlphenablscorching

2013: celestial satellite will pass close to Earth

The year 2013willbedistinctiveamongastronomerswhowillallowthem to seethenumber ofasteroidsandcomets thatpassalongtheground,without beinga major threat totheplanet.Beginningnextweek,astronomerswillbeon a date withthefirstcelestialspaceStmralybythe planet, anasteroid, "99,942Apophis"namedafterthesymbolofevilanddarknesstheancientEgyptians.
The diameter ofthis asteroid270meters,andintheevent ofacollisionlandwillgenerateenergyequivalenttopower25thousandatomicbomblikethosedropped on Hiroshima.Thisasteroidwasraisedin 2004,panickingscientistswhoareconductinga survey tomonitoranythreattoEarth because ofthecelestialfloating inspace.
Theradarswillremain"NASA"staretowardtheasteroid"Apophis"asitpassedalongthegroundtomorrow,atadistanceof14.5 millionmiles from theEarth'ssurface.Thanks totheseobservations,scientistswillbeabletoreducethemargin of errorintheircalculations.Andwill bevisitingthe secondasteroid"2012DA14",which is smaller than"Apophis", w…

Knowledge is light .. Slogan "whores" Brazil in preparation for the World Cup!

Jadesin the city ofBeloHorizonte,capitalofMinas Geraisprovince,receivefreetuitionintheEnglishlanguageforcourtesytourists duringthe 2014 World Cupin Brazil.
SedasaidVieira,presidentoftheAssociationjadesinGeraisthat the ideaisintendedtoteachsomeEnglish wordsfor girls,suchasthenamesof"certainfoodsorsexualterms"for ease ofunderstandingwithtourists.
Andabout20girlsparticipatednightintutoring,andisexpectedtorecord300out of4000registeredmember,beforetheendoftheyear.
ItisexpectedthatthecontinueRelayquotasbetweensix and eight weeksto beginthe first series oflecturesinMarch/March.

Israel army prevented Assad from the use of a weapon, "the Day of Judgment!"

IsraelbarredSyrian PresidentBasharal-Assadof usingchemical weaponsagainsthisownpeople,andthat beforetheSyrianarmyloadedontheaircraft.
The newspaper said thatinternational cooperationunrivaledpreventedthe Syrian armyto strikeSyrian citiesthis weapon,afterbeen mobilizedmissileswith chemicals,andthe army wasintended toloadtheaircraftabout a month ago,and that theinformation thereonarrived in Israelwhich in turninformed theU.S. Department of Defense"Pentagon",whichinturnhad contactswithRussia,ChinaandneighboringArabstatesinordertoputpressureonAssadtopreventtheuseofthese weapons
As a result,these countriesweredirectinga stern warningto Assadthatdoes notusethe so-called"doomsdayweapon"againstthepeople.It is noted thatthe Syrian oppositionand the armyfreethey emphasizeabout a month agothat the systemusedtypesofchemicalsthat causeddamagedskinandbottleneckstodozens of citizens,andconfirmedthe circlesin the oppositionthat the systemusedtypesof gaschemicalinternationally banned…

Cleaning teeth reduces the risk of premature birth for pregnant women

According toa British study,cleaninfectedpregnant womengingivitistothebrim,thedoctor,helpreducetherisk ofprematurebirth. Thatbrushingyourteethwithyour doctorhelps removeaccumulatedlimearoundthegums,thusreducingtheriskofinfectionofthegums, whichincreasestheriskofpremature birthfor pregnant women.
TheresearchersfromHarvardUniversityDentalthatseveregum infectionsincreasethesecretionofthehormoneprostaglandin,andAltnkerzfactorsthat causethedeathofcells, thechemicalscauseaccelerateddelivery.

Violence Against Women bill dies in House

Before wrapping up their session on Tuesday night, Congress had a few things on their to-do list: Vote on the fiscal cliff bill, figure out what they were going to do about the farm bill, authorize relief for Superstorm Sandy victims — and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
That last item may seem like a no-brainer, even taking into account recent partisan battles that have been paralyzing Congress.
But House leadership chose to let the bill expire, balking at new provisions that would extend protections to undocumented immigrants, Native Americans and LGBT individuals.
This is the first time since the act was introduced in 1994 that the bill hasn't been reauthorized. VAWA has "improved the criminal justice response to violence against women," the White House says, and provides financing for programs that work to end domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking, as well as offer support to victims.

Mighty Morphin Hillary

Everyone expected Hillary to lower the boom on Bibi Friday night. The bullying Israeli prime minister is fond of demanding that America set red lines on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. But he blithely stuck a finger in the eye of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton Friday and went over a red line for successive American administrations: Israel gave the White House only a few hours’ notice that it was defying the U.S. and planning new settlements in the most sensitive territory east of Jerusalem, a move that Washington fears could obliterate any prospect of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “If such a project were to go beyond blueprints,” Jodi Rudoren and Mark Landler wrote in The Times, “it could prevent the creation of a viable, contiguous Palestinian state” by closing off the West Bank from East Jerusalem. The brazen and counterproductive action, designed to punish the Palestinians, flouted the Obama administration, …

Aurora, Colo., Shooting Kills Four

The episode began about 3 a.m. when shots were heard on East Ithaca Place, about 16 miles southeast of downtown Denver, said Sgt. Cassidee Carlson, a spokeswoman for the Aurora Police Department.
A woman who had escaped from the house told officers that shots had been fired and “that she observed three people inside the home who appeared lifeless as she was leaving,” according to a statement released by the police on Saturday afternoon.
About 50 officers, including members of a SWAT unit and hostage negotiators were called, Ms. Carlson said. When attempts to talk to the man by telephone and over a bullhorn were unsuccessful, the police statement said, officers moved in using an armored vehicle around 8 a.m., which was fired upon.
The police were unable to force the gunman out of the house using gas, Sgt. Carlson said, and about an hour later, officers shot him to death after he appeared in a second-floor window, she said.
Inside, the police said they also found the bodies of a wo…

Common Sense: Google Finds a Line Between ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Evil’

“Don’t Be Evil,” the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, proclaimed in their 2004 “Owner’s Manual” for prospective investors in the company. Despite widespread cynicism, criticism and even mockery, the company has never backed down on this core premise, reiterating in its most recent list of the “things we know to be true” that “you can make money without doing evil.”
Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the F.T.C., at the announcement of its Google antitrust ruling.
Yet the company has been dogged for years by widespread allegations that it violates its own pledge by manipulating the search results that remain the core of the company and the primary source of its enormous profits.
Google insists that its results have always been “unbiased and objective” and that they are “the best we know how to produce.” But for competitive reasons, it never disclosed the secret algorithms that produce those results, so no one outside the company knew for sure. A growing chorus of complaints f…

Google’s Lawyers Work Behind the Scenes to Carry the Day

After regulators had pored over nine million documents, listened to complaints from disgruntled competitors and took sworn testimony from Google executives, the government concluded that the law was on Google’s side. At the end of the day, they said, consumers had been largely unharmed.
That is why one of the biggest antitrust investigations of an American company in years ended with a slap on the wrist Thursday, when the Federal Trade Commission closed its investigation of Google’s search practices without bringing a complaint. Google voluntarily made two minor concessions.
“The way they managed to escape it is through a barrage of not only political officials but also academics aligned against doing very much in this particular case,” said Herbert Hovenkamp, a professor of antitrust law at the University of Iowa who has worked as a paid adviser to Google in the past. “The first sign of a bad antitrust case is lack of consumer harm, and there just was not any consumer harm emerging…

Chinese Groups Take On H.I.V./AIDS Outreach Work

Le, a gay man who would give only his first name, was being tested at the Lingnan Health Center, an organization run largely by gay volunteers, whose walls are adorned with red AIDS ribbons and a smiling condom mascot. In the past, Le went to hospitals to be tested, he said, but the stigma of being a gay man in China made the experience particularly harrowing.
“I’d always be concerned about what the doctors would think of me,” Le said. “Here we’re all in the same community, so there’s less to worry about.”
Le is one of thousands of gay men in this bustling city of 13 million people who are benefiting from a pioneering experiment that supporters hope will revolutionize the way the Communist Party deals with nongovernment groups trying to stop the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Encouraged by the new slate of leaders who came to power in November, civil society activists hope the model taking shape here in the prosperous southern province of Guangdong, which h…

Murder Charges Are Filed Against 5 Men in New Delhi Gang Rape

A court official announced that beyond rape and murder, the charges include destruction of evidence and the attempted murder of the woman’s companion, a list of crimes that could result in the rare imposition of the death penalty. A court official said the charges would be made public on Saturday. A sixth suspect is a juvenile and will have his case handled separately for now.
The case against the five men will be referred almost immediately to a new fast-track court set up in recent days to handle cases involving crimes against women, officials said. That court is expected to hold a trial soon in stark contrast to the apathy and years of delay that Indian rape victims often face when seeking justice.
The five are accused of luring the woman and her boyfriend onto a bus in South Delhi, beating them and abusing her so brutally with a metal rod during the rape that she sustained fatal internal injuries. The woman clung to life for two weeks but died on Saturday in a Singapore hospital…