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A rare case: a child suffering from the decomposition of the skin at the touch of

Like anynew born baby, needstoProdiCartescare andintensive surveillancearound the clockas itis very sensitive, butProdi's parentsare facinganother casealtogether, andEnayathmafar exceeds whatislogical andnatural.

Prodiis sufferingfroma very rare diseaseoccursonce everymillion births, and theillnessis called"epidermolysisbullosa", a serious illnesscausing thedissolution ofthe skinif touched.
WhenBrodywas born,his bodywasnotcoating theskinlayer,andappeared as athird-degreeburnedandthe doctorscouldseehis brain.
Prodineedsspecial attention,wherehis parentsandhis hands andhis feetcoveredbymedical dressings, whichneed to bechanged daily.They alsoIemlanavery cautiouslybecauseof his skinbreak downoncetouching andstartbleeding.

Thedoctor,therapist, do notgive thefamilya glimmer of hope, the diseasehas no cure, butprayer andsupplication for thebetter,and everythingcan be doneis to keepchanging thedressingsin order not toinflamehis open wounds.
His mother says:"I do notknow thatMr …

Obama ready to announce the withdrawal of U.S. military from Afghanistan

WouldPresident BarackObamaon Wednesday night22/06/2011to Americansabout the size ofhis decision tobeginmilitary withdrawalfrom Afghanistan, which mayinclude theten thousandtroopsuntil the end of2011,citing theagency, "Agence FrancePresse."

SaidWhite House spokesmanJayCarneyin a brief statement, "the presidentwill address thenationfrom the White Houseto present his planaimed atimplementing the strategyannounced inDecember /January2009, andthe judgeto withdrawtroopsfrom Afghanistan."
Obama has pledgedto start withdrawingU.S. troopsfrom Afghanistan,starting fromthe month ofJuly 2011, whenannounced inDecember /January, 2009to send30 thousandmore troopsto deal with theTaliban, undera new U.S. strategyat the time,bringing the number ofU.S. troops inAfghanistanto abouthundredthousand, along with47 thousandsoldiers from theNATO forces.
But the White Housesincethat timeremainedvagueabout the extentand speed ofwithdrawal, andstressedthat it would bebased on "the situation …

The arrest of Israeli spy in Egypt .. And young people made ​​fun of him

Egyptian authorities havearrestedan IsraelimaninEgypt,on suspicionof spying for theIsraeliMossad,andin doingtrying tosowdiscordamong theyouthof Egypt duringthe Egyptian revolution,and therecruitment ofyoungEgyptiansto actagainst thegovernmentafter theresignationof former PresidentHosniMubarak.AndorderedHishamBadawi, head ofthe Supreme StateSecurity ProsecutionIsraelidetentionfor15 dayson suspicion of"spyingonEgypt in order toharm theinterestsof politicalandeconomic. "

Raisedthe news ofthe arrestofspyIsraelicalledIlanChimeinEgypt,a stormofjokesandsarcastic commentsonmy site"Facebook"and"Twitter ",also published thepicturesin circulationfora spyduring his participationin therevolution ofJanuary 25,withprayersinmosques,Al-Azhar Mosque,as well asother imageshismilitarysuit.
Andmocked thecommentatorsof a spy,and considerednaiveKaljuasisIsraelisinEgyptian movies,andsomeone saidon Twitter:"We Musttorture,spydelike whatMadameNadiasoldierAtazptinfilms,isa spyst…

Israel prepares to strike Iran

The Israeli armyis preparingto launchair strikesagainstlarge-scaleIranian nuclear facilitiesifthe Israeli governmenthas issuedordersthat,andthat, according to thenewspaper"The Times"BritishSaturday, citingIsraeli sources.
An Israeli official saidindefenseof thenewspaperthat "Israelwantsto beconfidentthat in theeventreceivedits armythe green light,itcouldhitIran in the nextfew daysorevenhours.ispreparingat all levels tothispossibility.The messagetoIranis that thethreatis notOnlyverbally. "
Thepreparations have included theacquisition ofIsrael'sthree aircraftradartype "AWACS"and intends todoexercisesat the national leveltoprepare the population forpossiblereprisals.

Former Mossad head: Netanyahu avoid the idea of ​​striking Iran!

Atthe former head ofIsraeli intelligence service"Mossad",MeirDagan,a speechat a conferencein Tel Avivin which he spokeaboutthe challengesfacing Israelinthe regionabout thechangestaking place,andwarnedDaganthatanypre-emptive strikeagainst Iran,will leadtoa regional warthat wouldputIsrael'schallenge to the"impossible, "stressingthatthe Jewish statecan notstop thenuclear programof the Islamic Republic.
Theformer senior intelligence official,in aspeech tothe Conference of theTelAvivforthe leadership,anddealt withthe Israeli presson alarge scale,saying:"We have noabilitytostopthe Iranian nuclear program, and in thebest case scenariowefouleda little. "Daganandcontinuedthat "it isimportanttorealizewhatcanhappenas a result ofan attack onIran,andwhatwill happenthe next day,and whatisthe situation thatIsrael will finditselfon the international stage. "
Andthata strikeon Iranmeansthe outbreak ofregional war,and inthis case,"youmayyou giveIranthe bes…