Former Mossad head: Netanyahu avoid the idea of ​​striking Iran!

At the former head of Israeli intelligence service "Mossad", Meir Dagan, a speech at a conference in Tel Aviv in which he spoke about the challenges facing Israel in the region about the changes taking place, and warned Dagan that any pre-emptive strike against Iran, will lead to a regional war that would put Israel's challenge to the "impossible, "stressing that the Jewish state can not stop the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic.
 The former senior intelligence official, in a speech to the Conference of the Tel Aviv for the leadership, and dealt with the Israeli press on a large scale, saying: "We have no ability to stop the Iranian nuclear program, and in the best case scenario we fouled a little. " Dagan and continued that "it is important to realize what can happen as a result of an attack on Iran, and what will happen the next day, and what is the situation that Israel will find itself on the international stage. "
And that a strike on Iran means the outbreak of regional war, and in this case, "you may you give Iran the best possible reason to continue its nuclear program, because the Iranians will say We have been attacked by a foreign state, is said to have a military nuclear capability, and now we have no choice but to defend Ourselves against a country with strategic capabilities, and will be mandatory and that the argument of principle for them, to moveforward toward the largest nuclear program . "
Dagan said: "It is important to know that this war will be against Iran alone, will be a regional war, and will include Syria, if we need to attack Hezbollah targets in Syrian territory, and Israel will find itself in front of a challenge then is impossible.
It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that has issued such statements on acute and blunt Meir Dagan, who has spent the last eight years in the leadership of the Israeli intelligence community. Dagan and left office last January, and it made statements in recent weeks contradicted sharply with the political positions of the declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about sensitive issues such as Iran and its nuclear program.
Netanyahu declared, once, that it will keep all options open, including the use of military force. It is known that both Israel and the United States claim that Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons, a claim Tehran denies, insisting its program is for peaceful civilian purposes.

In his speech, put Dagan comparison of the strategic environment for Israel when it was developed before the confrontation in the war of October 1973, pointing out that the country was forced to war only if signed by the attack, or that the gun shed on the head, ie, that the armed conflict had become inevitable, and the way Only to reduce the threat as much as possible, is to resort to force.
But the opinion of Dagan, can avoid conflict, and advised Israeli Prime Minister not to make a decision to strike Iran. Dagan and addressed the audience by saying: "It is important to consider all options, and not to go directly to the option of war, " noting that "at this moment there is no decision to attack Iran, I have no knowledge of such a decision does not in 2011 or 2012. "
In addition to talking about Iran, Dagan said that it is very important for Israel to make a plan of some kind, ensure the re-launch peace talks with the Palestinians, as proposed by the Arab peace initiative, put forward by Saudi Arabia in 2002. He said: "We have no other way, not because these things from my priorities, but because I am interested in the survival of Israel is reassuring, and I want to do what I can to ensure the existence of Israel .. If we have not made proposals and be the initiators, we find ourselves trapped in the corner of the end of the day. "      


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