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Russia calls for the prohibition of "Fort Muslim" and Google agree

Russian authoritiesdemanded thatGoogle Inc.thatyou deletethe book "Fort Muslim"ofpagespublishedin the Russian language,as well assome information about thebook, "FortMuslim"afterthathas been classified"withinextremistbooks."

According toRussianreportsthat Googleis working on arequest ofthe Russian authorities,andRussia has alreadycalled fora globaldeletea number ofreligious booksofbooksclassifiedextremistweb sites.
It is noteworthythat theRussian courtdecidedlast Octoberto preventthe book "Sahih Bukhari",and consideredofprohibitedbooks,andconversationsthat areconsideredthe"extremistmaterials," according tothe newspaper "above"Saudi Arabia.