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Hallelujah: split the land in the Russian city car and swallow

Thereisa city called"Samara"SoutheastRussiatook control ofitspeoplea state of panicand terrorfor the emergence ofseveralcracks inthegroundDuringthepasttwoweeks,resulting ingaps andholes in the groundand swallowwhat'sonthem.
Has beento reach ascientific explanationfor this phenomenon;, the citysuffersfrom frequentsnow, whichmeltsinto the ground,and this causes thedecomposition ofthe soil under theroad,and thusthese cracks, which becamein some placesso largeitswallowed uptruckson the ground,whichterrorizedthe populationin the city.
Thecity's residentscalledonthegovernmenttoputaquicksolutiontothisparticularproblemithascauseddeaths amongthe people.