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Transitional Council official: Gaddafi is hiding near the border with Algeria

Military official saida senior LibyanleaderMuammarGaddafideposedapparentlyhidingnear thewesterntown ofGhadamesLibya, near the borderwith Algeria,under the protection ofmen ofthe Tuareg.Said HishamAbu Hajar, asenior military officialin the new leadershipin Libya ina telephone conversationwith Reuterslate onTuesday that theTuaregstill supportGaddafi andis believed to bein the region ofGhadames.Abu Hajarsaidresearch coordinatorfortheLibyan leaderGaddafideposedthat hebelievedwasin the town ofSouthSmonoa week agobefore moving toGhadames, about550 kmsouthwest ofTripoli.Abu HajarsaidthatGaddafi's sonSaif al-Islamin theBani Walidand his sonthe otherMu'tasimin Sirte, Gaddafi'shometown.

He addedthat the twowere thinkingofperhapsleaving Libyato Niger.
Besiegingforcesandthe Transitional National AssemblyLibyanSirteonelast bastion ofsupport forQadhafi andthe cityarealso toNATO bombing.

Andcontrol of theSirte, about450 kmeast of the capitalTripoli,the National Councilmay make thetransition…

The planet in the face of a meteor is coming!!!

Canoneimaginethedevastationthat was caused bythe tsunami,orearthquakein Pakistan, and HurricanesKatrina, Rita andWilma?Today,astronautsaskif the worldfailed toaddress thisdisaster, whatwill happen whena meteorhits theground.
According tothe AssociatedPress,the chance ofa meteorcrashlandin thenext thirty years, up toone in5500.If this happensthe devastationwill extendover an areaapproaching the size ofNew York Cityand its environs.
Fortunately, theexpectations ofplanetary scientistsruled outthat theasteroid99942 Apophisstrikes theEarthin 2036
However,experts areworried aboutspace scienceshould not bethe worldready fora disaster of thissize,and wantthe worldto makean emergency planreadyshould it take placeand thetwo documentsinthisconcernandtheir claimsto thedeficitthat emergedin the face ofnatural disasterspast.

The experts, during theannual conference of theAssociation of Space Explorers, which was heldin SaltLake Citylast month,an open letterurgingthegovernmentsto adopta strategy toavoid…

Return of the "swine flu", but without fear or warning

Healthauthorities announcedin the United Statesforthe discovery ofthe firsttwo casesofa newstrain ofthe virus, "influenza,"I movedthemacross theMkhaltthmaofpigsinfected with the virus, but theysought toreassure thepublicby sayingthatthis new strainmay not betransmittedbetweenhumans.

Differtwo casesforthousands ofinfectionsvirusH1N1,knownwidelyas the "swine flu", whichswept throughmany countries of theworldin 2009, andclaimed thelives of thousands, especially inthe Americasand Europe, prompting theWorld Health Organizationdeclared theepidemicglobally.
Although manycountries in the worldthedeathof millions ofanimals,pigshave afear ofoutbreak ofthe deadly virus,has been registeredany cases ofhuman infectionmovedtothe virus throughinfected animals, other thantwo new caseswhich havedeclaredtheircontrol centersand the prevention ofdiseases in theUnited States on Friday.
According to areport from theAmerican Medicalinjurythatwas discoveredtwodifferentstrainof influenza virus…