Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Miley Cyrus abuse of drugs

Deployment site "TMZ" a videotape showing the singer, Miley Cyrus, smoking a certain substance during a private meeting in her home, referred to the site that it was after the celebration of a long birth of the 18 last November, but pointing out that Cyrus have emerged, laughing and hallucinating after having smoking, using the tube Glass, known as "Pong. "

The Web site said the video was filmed by a friend of Cyrus, and demonstrates the use Serwi to the article "sage" of narcotic and hallucinogenic, which were prevented legally from California, according to a special survey conducted in 2007 in the United States on drug use and health. For his part, expressed the father of Miley Cyrus, who announced their separation in October, his annoyance that the video, which has become a modern media in recent days, and stated through the "Twitter ": "I am very sorry, I did not have any idea about this tape, I Like you, I saw for the first time on the Internet, and I feel very sad because the mother

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Berlusconi's awkward daughter of the "scandals" her father

Returned again to shed the spotlight on the controversy surrounding the reputation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but this time came from within the family.
The magazine quoted in Italian Barbara, the daughter of Mr Berlusconi, saying it was "concerned
Very "to the frequency of alleged scandals about her father that she is now embarrassed to talk about.

Also invested Barbara, a graduate of philosophy, aged 26 years, the interview with the editor of the Italian version of the magazine "Vanity Fair", on news of investigations and scandals of celebrities, to criticize strongly stripper past, which was brought by her father to be part of his cabinet.

Barbara said that the rumors and stories published and has become current on the life of her father and put "under severe psychological pressure. "

In a veiled criticism of the actions of her father, Barbara said she is not with some of those behaviors, "but I must also give credence to the version of events my father. "
The most important one of the scandals surrounding Berlusconi those comments, made at the end of last month, a prostitute named Nadia Egypt (27 years), which said it had submitted a "sexual services twice," Italian Prime Minister, and paid her for those "services."

The club claimed that Berlusconi personally invited to perform in two concerts in one of his palaces, and in the concerts there was a large number of young women, girls and some of them as if they were obese at the age of adolescence.

But Berlusconi defended himself responded to these allegations by saying that the club "paid her for telling lies" about him, and discredit him.

Barbara says that her father what he called "vulnerabilities" had a negative impact on his personal life and political career.

It is said that mother Barbara, Veronica Lario, had asked for separation from the Berlusconi last year.

Comments Barbara sarcastic and bitter former striptease dancer, which joined the government was addressed to Mara Carvajna, Minister responsible for the file on equal opportunities, and recently complained that she was the victim of conspiracies and the complexities of the political machine in Italy.

Carvajna (35 years) was the cause of separation or Barbara about her father, in February of 2007 called Veronica, Berlusconi's second wife, an apology from him after the television quoted flirtations Italian Prime Minister obvious Carvanja during the Awards Ceremony.

Barbara said that less is said about the woman stepped from a complaint just a strip dancer in a TV program to Secretary of entertainment, it's "ugly and Mqzap."

Saturday, 18 December 2010

أليسا وجدت فارس أحلامها وستتزوج قريبا

"أعيش حقاً قصة حب، بكل ما تعنيه هذه الكلمة من معنى، وأنا أستعدّ للزواج بعد أن وفقني الله باختيار فارس أحلامي". "قنبلة سعيدة" فجّرتها النجمة اللبنانية إليسا في مقابلة لها نُشرت في بيروت، ما اعتُبر تأكيداً لما تردد حول قرب وداعها "العزوبية".
أليسا أكدت في حديث الى صحيفة "البناء" اللبنانية ان هذا الموضوع يدخل في صميم الأمور الخاصة، ولم تشأ تحديد زمان "المناسبة السعيدة" ومكانها.
وأوضحت أليسا رداً على سؤال أنها ليست من محبذي المشاكل كما يعتقد البعض وتتمنى الخير للجميع قائلة: "كل ما يشغلني هو فني وكيف أطل على الجمهور بعمل جديد وراق بمستوى طموحي وحبي للفن... ليس ذنبي أن أتحمل أخطاء الأساليب الترويجية لبعض الصحف والمجلات وأصحاب الأقلام الصفراء التي تستغل العلاقات الفنية للإيقاع بيني وبين زملاء المهنة في مواقف ترد على صفحات الجرائد والمجلات ولا أساس لها من الصحة، فعلاقتي بزملائي جيدة ولا يعكر صفوها شيء وطوال حياتي الفنية لم أتجاهل أحداً".
وعن رفضها الغناء مع عمرو دياب أكدت اليسا أن "هذه الشائعة لا أساس لها على الإطلاق ولا يمكن أن أرفض الغناء مع فنان نجم مثل عمرو دياب وهو يعرف ذلك جيداً ويعرف أنني أكنّ له كل احترام وتقدير".
وأشارت اليسا إلى أن هناك شائعات مغرضة تقول انها لا تغني مع مصريين مؤكدة ان هذه الشائعات هدفها الإساءة إلى اسم اليسا وتشويه صورتها أمام كبار المغنيين المصريين، قائلة: "ليكن معلوماً لدى الجميع، لست أنا من يحدّد مواصفات من يشاركني الغناء"، لافتة إلى أن أغنية "على بالي" هي الأحب على قلبها لما تحمله من جرأة في المعاني والكلمات الرقيقة المعبرة، قائلة: «انها حساسة وتلامس الوجدان وأثرت بي الى حدّ البكاء من روعة الكلمات".
وإذ وصفت علاقتها بروتانا بالـ "سمن والعسل"، مؤكدة انه ليس هناك ما يعكر صفو التعاون، أعربت عن انزعاجها من كثرة الشائعات في الفن ولا سيما ما يتعلق بزواجها وطلاقها وحياتها الخاصة وإصابتها بمرض خطير.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hezbollah threatens to impose a naval blockade on Israel

Threatened to sources close to Hezbollah, the imposition of "naval blockade" on Israel in the event of a battle or a military confrontation between them.
The Israeli public radio quoted the newspaper as "opinion"
Kuwaiti sources as saying that Hezbollah's stockpile of missiles Bur - Sea enough to dual-task, ie to defend the coast of Lebanon on the one hand and the closure of ports and the Israeli siege imposed by the other.

The sources pointed out that Hezbollah can monitor any ship heading towards the destruction of Israel and, through a rocket carrying a warhead weighing more than half a ton of high explosive materials.

The seizure is close to Hezbollah to commercial vessels that mean Israel is not usually equipped military defenses, making them helpless in the event target, which will prevent insurance companies from covering traffic in the direction of Israel during the war.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Shark attacks on tourists in Egypt

Three tourists were injured in a rare attack of the shark in the waters of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea in Egypt.
Was evacuated
Suspension of all water sports at the resort located in the Red Sea after three attacks, except for a small area.

It is believed that one of the wounded were in critical condition at a hospital in the capital, Cairo.

And authorities were searching for a shark rare women with the pointed end, which is believed to be responsible for the attack.

The fish will be returned to the water away after the find.

The news agency Associated Press reports that Mohamed Salem one responsible for the protection of marine life in the resort, saying that all the patients are from Russia.

And attacks such as this type of shark is very rare, and the shark attack in the Red Sea is unusual.

Says John Leyne BBC in Cairo from Sharm el-Sheikh resort more frequented by tourists for diving, so the decision to suspend water sports do not take easily.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Arrest the first suspect of leaking documents and confidential Wikileaks

After that accused the judiciary of the U.S. military, officially, in the month of May last Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldiers in Iraq, he leaked a video showing a U.S. helicopter bombed the process turned out to be led to the deaths of civilians, to a site dedicated to exposing confidential documents.

Detained again, Bradley Manning, the prime suspect of leaking secret U.S. documents to Wikileaks site and mail, in a cell inside a military base in Konatiko, in the state of Virginia.

The Bradley Manning, 23 years old, had joined the U.S. Army in 2007, and became an intelligence analyst in Iraq, pass under the hands of thousands of prohibited information accessed from the public in the Hummer U.S. base, located about 40 miles to the east of Baghdad.
Born Bradley Manning in a small town in Oklahoma, and spent part of his childhood in Wales, where he studied in the town of his mother "Haverfordwest", and then returned to the United States at the age of thirteen, and during his high school years was his classmates called the "obsessed computer ". After returning from Iraq has begun the soldier gay young man complaining of feeling isolated in the army.

While spending nearly 14 hours, reading classified documents became Manning feels more and more disappointed by the U.S. foreign policy, and he describes the "military intelligence" as combining opposites. It was said that Manning tracing Adrian Lamo and connect with him as an expert earlier in piracy computing (hacker) in the United States, and believed that the latter is the one who helped him in the transfer of information in its possession to the outside world.

But Lamo alerted U.S. authorities later, and gave them a series of letters exchanged between him and Manning. The latter was told of Lamu on the information he found on the terrible, a return to the private sphere with the public, more than to remain forgotten in a dark room in Washington, DC.
t was granted to allow Manning has opened the door in front of him to gain access to information is a special staff working in the U.S. military and government officials and private contractors. Investigators are trying to detect whether there was Manning, who helped the U.S. military from the inside or outside.

He claimed to Lamu Manning had told him that to his knowledge of at least one person within the U.S. military be able to access data without permission. The site "Wikileaks" strip was published in April last depicts the Apache helicopters to attack civilians in Iraq and the killing of Kadrin journalists from Reuters, 2007
Manning was arrested the following month, and then charged with "Data transfer prohibited" and delivering defense information to "unauthorized source," and this means a maximum prison sentence of up to 52 years. With the subsequent disclosure of confidential documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon described Manning as "a person of interest" in the ongoing search for the source.

But the site "Wikileaks" refused to confirm that Manning be a party to the leaks. Two weeks ago, said a member of the group formed to support Manning The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Chicago O'Hare International Airport have arrested him. It was alleged David House, 23 years old, who was visiting the Manning Base in Quantico, he was interrogated at length, and confiscated his computer laptop.

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