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Obama pressure on Iran will not stop and there was still hope for a peaceful solution!

Shad,PresidentBarackObama,in a speech, "State of the Union,"Arabspringand the killing ofbinLadenand the withdrawal fromIraq, expressing hisbelief that "the Assad regime" can notresistthe change . Obama saidinhis speechbefore Congress, thelatestArab spring"stunning turnaround"in the MiddleEast.But he added: "We do not knowexactly whenthis will endthe stunning transformation.We will supportpolicies thatpromote astrong, stabledemocraciesandopen markets, because thedictatorshipdoes notwithstandfreedom.
He said:"At a timewhen itswar, explodethe wave ofchange in the MiddleEastand NorthAfricafrom Tunisia toCairo,from Sanaa toTripoli."He added:"A year ago,Gaddafi, akilleron his handsthe blood ofAmericans,one ofthe oldestdictatorsin the world," adding: "Today,no longer exists."Andon the latest developmentsin Syria, Obama said: "I ​​have nodoubtthat theAssad regimewill soondiscoverthat there can beresistance to changecan notcr…

Egypt's president next will be born from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military

Despite a decision bythe ruling military juntain Egypt,who runs theaffairs of the countryfor a period oftransition,to open the doorto run forpresidential electionsmid-April/ Aprilnext, butuntilnow, there isalmost certainchancesof any of thepotential candidateson the scenetoday.Thepoliticians, activists andobserversspokeof "CNN"toadeal between theIslamic movements, especially theMuslim Brotherhood andthe military council,wherebycompatibilityto supporta particular candidateenjoysthe support ofboth parties,political considerationsare summarizedin what isoutsafefor members ofthe militaryfrom powerwithout accountability,and the development ofthe armed forceslater,and also tosupportthe executive branchof the Brotherhood.
It isbothAmrMoussa, AhmedShafiqand AbdulMoneimAboul Fotouh,and HishamBastawisi, HazemSalah AbuIsmail,Dr.Muhammad SalimAl-Awa,andHamdeen,the most prominentpotential candidatesfor the presidency.DrMohamed ElBaradei,hasidentified a numberof conditionsto discourage him…

Foods reduce stress levels

The next timeyou gooutshoppingdo notforget tochoosethese foodswill give youthe nineessential vitaminsand improve themoodof the year.Thesefoodscontainnatural materialsreducethe levels oftension andstressin the bodynaturally.
I founda German studyinPsycho pharmacologythat vitaminC helps toreduce stressand restoreblood pressure andcortisolto normal levelsafterthe case offatigue.Vitamin C isalso renowned forits ability toimprovethe immune system
Sweet potatoes:
Thesweet potatoes from thestressrelieversbecause theysatisfyour desire forcarbohydratesand sugarstogetherin a natural way.Sweet potatoescontainbeta-carotene andothervitamins,fiberand helpto address theslowcarbohydratesand consistentmannerand thusreduce themood.
*Dried apricots:
Apricotis richin magnesium,which reduceslevels ofstress andrelaxes themusclesnaturallyalso

Almonds, pistachios, walnuts:
Almondsare rich in vitaminBand E,which helpsboost the immune system, while thewalnuts andpistachioshelplower blood pressure.
Has …