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Russia is developing cockroach Spy

The length ofthe newrobot4 inches, and can run at a speedof 12inches per second, andassisted bysensors onthe obstaclesthey faceddiscriminationduringthe movement,asbeing able toconductreconnaissanceandsurveillancetasks.

Developerof the robotteamplansnext week,to provide samplesofhis inventiontothe Russian army,who showedinterest in the project,after the development ofa primaryprovidermodelin camouflagecolorsdifficulttaskofdetection andappropriate tothe nature ofmilitary tasks.
It could bethe prototypeof the"cockroachspy"workingfor only20 minutes,and carryingthe weight ofno more than10 grams.

Photos richest women in the world

Some people believethat womenchandelierswon theirtheir moneythroughinheritanceormarriage, butthe list ofthe 6 richestwomenin the worlddisplaysmodels ofwomen'sfounderstheir moneythrough hard work, along withsome womenwhohave given birthintheir mouthsspoonof gold,but theyare maintainingthe wealth oftheir parentsthroughHard working.
HollyBransonis the daughter ofbillionaireSir Richard Branson,

LydiaHearst: Theladyhasmoneyandbeautyalsobelongto the family ofaprominentfashion modelandis active incharity work,

IvankaTrump:is the daughter ofthe famousAmerican businessmanDonaldTrump,he graduatedsumma cum laudefrom the Wharton Schoolof Business,

ElizabethHolmes: Foundedcompanynowvaluedat about$ 8 billion,

MartaOrtega-Perez:Marthais the daughter ofAmancioOrtega,founder and chairman ofInditex,the company responsible forZarasign,

Christy Walton: Own-account$ 22.5billionobtainedafter the death ofher husband,JohnWalton(son ofSamWalton,founder ofWal-Mart's famousseries).