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Appeal against Hamdeen to be excluded from running for president

Mohammedsent apropheticoneof the founders ofthe campaign "rebellion",andsupport forField MarshalAbdel Fattahal-Sisicandidacyinthe presidential election,strongly worded messagetosupporters ofa potential presidential candidateHamdeen,andhis election campaign.

Nabavisaidina message viathe social networking site"Facebook":"tocampaignmatinee..liarsname of the revolutionandthe seventh daydirectory.."Sisibootsandneckmorning, "as he put it.
Mahmoud saidNvadyparty spokesmansaidthe preamble ofthe Constitutionconfirmed thatderivesits textsfromthe revolutions ofJanuary 25and June 30andoutof any candidateon the principles ofanyrevolutionis contraryto the termsto run, so they willask theSupreme Committeeto refer the appealto the Constitutional Courtto interpret thepreamble to the Constitutionand the extent ofviolationmatineethemreportedlyinDatevoiceof thematineewithanti-revolutionJune 30.

Video phenomenon of the fall of the fish from the sky

This is thephenomenonof the strangestphenomenawhichscientistsinterpretdeficit.
It celebratesthe inhabitantsof the Republic ofHondurasin Central Americathis eventbetweenMay andJuly every year,may occurtwicea year.Startsfallingfishemergence ofblack cloudin the skyaccompanied bylightningand thunder, strong windsandheavy rainwill continuefor two hoursor more,andafter the end ofthis storm, we findthe groundcoveredfish, whichrejoicesbycompatriotsandtake themwith them totheir homesforcookingbecause they eatand enjoy.

Thescientific expeditionvisited the placeand to identify thefish, whichspread tothe groundafter the hurricane,and they foundthatall the fishof the samesize and type.
Thestrange thing is thatthis kind offishdo notresideadjacent watersof thetown, awaterof the Atlantic Ocean,is thetypewho lives inshallow wateronly, notsaltwater,andhow it is toreach thetown ofnote that theAtlantic Oceanis just200 kmthem.Wasinterpretedscientistsfor thisthe matter is thatthis fishexistsinthe underground …