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Israeli chutzpah: Egypt will not see stability

SaidDefense MinisterMosheYaalon,said Egyptwill not seeanystabilityin the near future,and that hewill diebefore he had seenEgyptunrestbeyond thestageandbackto stability.

Remarks cameYaalonduringa meeting withSecretary ofDefenseof Germany"OrcillavonderYin"in the capital,Berlin,andcriticized the"Ya'alon,"the ruling regimesin the Middle East, especiallyEgyptand Syria,stressing thatIsraelwould prefer toenjoy thesurrounding countriesto democracy,butthis did not happen,and you will livedisturbancesinthose countries;due toerrorssuch systems,he said.
He criticized theBrotherhooda terroristorganizationandAmtdadahofmovement"Hmasitin the Gaza Strip,noting that theywasteda golden opportunityto transformtheir countryintoa true democracy,andthatcaused themess, which he didalsothe regime of Basharal-AssadinSyria, allof these systemsare similar.

President of the Republic and his decision Egyptian

The constitution is approvedby98%, to get thesecurity thatwe have losttheEgyptiansare waiting forthe President ofthe Republicina maximum period ofsixty days fromnow.

It must bethe firstdecision of thePresident of the Republicthe next,apartfrom being,is a decisionfor the immediate releaseof all political prisonerswho have not beenfound to be involvedwith the blood ofthe Egyptians,who came outinpeaceful demonstrations, they shouldbe issuedagainst thempresidential pardoneven if thecourt rulingshaveaffectedsome.Those whothreatened usand saidloudly insatellitewillburn thecountrywillattainthesepunishmentthatfitstheir crimesthat led tothe burningand destruction ofthe country.
Thefocusshould bethe new presidenttolistento the voice ofthe Egyptian people, whichisthe source of authority,andmust workto reunitethe Egyptians andshutthe doors ofstrifethat tore apartthe ranks ofthe Egyptians andledusto where we arenow