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Russia planes designed to transport any army anywhere in the world within 7 hours

Russian mediareportedthatRussia'sfleet ofheavytransport planes, whichcan carry1,500tankstank"Ermata"toany placewithin 7hours,wherethese aircraftwill beable to flyat supersonic speed.

He explainedsite""quoting a source inthe Russian Defense Ministry,thenew aircraftofRussian-madeandwill be called thePAK TAname,andwill flyfaster thanthe speed of sound(wouldspeed of2,000 km/ h)andwill arriveover theaircraftat leastto 7000km.
It is expected thatmanufacturingPAK TAprogramincludesabout 80newcargo plane,to be builtbefore2024are all, this meansthat during thedecadeof the Central MilitaryCommand ofRussiawill beable to puta whole armyof armorreadyfor war,It is expected thatthe completion of thenew planesin 2020.

Sexual movie to be filmed in the pyramids

Therescandaloccurred in theareaof the pyramidsand the Sphinx,where he wasfilminga porn moviein the pyramidsand the Sphinx,this filmhascontainedpornographicscenesabrasivepublic decency.
The scandal hasbeen repeatedbefore,has been portrayedsexualfilmpyramidsin 1997during the reign ofoustedPresident Hosni Mubarak.
The filmcontains more thanfivepornographicsceneswere filmedinside the pyramidarchaeologicalareaand the areanext to theSphinx,andthe filmshows thatthe ownersofRussia,has beentranslated intoEnglish.
Andis currently underinvestigationinthis incident,istightening controlon touristsandtourism companies .