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I know how spinach is converted into fuel for your car

In the studyaremore bizarreat the University of"Bordeaux"French, he foundthat he couldnotextract thecomplexproteinfromspinach, whichhe called the "photosystem II", you'llseea studycan transformspinachinto fuelmakes youdispensegasolineandhigher pricesValsbankwillfuelcarsin the near future, thespinachwill transform theenergyofthe era ofthe black goldto thespinach,andfor their abilityto convertsunlight intoalternative fuel sourceis clean andeffective.

The researchersextractedproteins fromspinachandtheydirectedthe laser beamwas recordedchangesexperienced bythe electronfromthe molecule,and you needthese proteinsto lightso thatthe laser beamworksuch as sunshinein this experiment,andwhen it wasthe work ofthe proteins, the researchers usedmodern techniquessuch asmagnetic resonancemail andspectral analysisof theX-rayrays.
Oneresearchfound thatcan convertenergy from the suninto chemical energywith unparalleledefficiencyby 70%,and that thissystemisindispensableforalternativ…