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Turkey: to find the oldest in the history of the Angel said to the Prophet Muhammad

Has beensinceabout two daysto find theoldestoriginal copy of theBiblecalled theGospel of"Barnabas"in a villageof Turkey.TheBibledate backto 1800yearsis noteworthybecause it containsimportant informationand accurateitwill airthe Turkish authorities.Vaticanhas offereda huge sumto buythe book, butTurkeyrefused todonow isto analyze andexplain thisto spreadthe gospelto reachthe whole world.It turned out, according topreliminary informationthat the name ofProphetMuhammad "peace be upon him"mentioned inthis Gospelin many places.Andthought it would beafter abookof great importance, especially sincethis versionis notdistortedand precedesthe copy inthe Vatican200 yearsto

UN: massive violations of human rights taking place in Syria

Amid reportsabout the possibility ofissuance of the SecretaryGeneral of the UnitedNations, BanKi-moonhas appointedhis predecessor,KofiAnnan's special envoyto the International Organizationin Syria,condemned theinternational reportof what he called"crimesagainst humanity,committed inSyria, with the knowledgeand consentandclearof the highestlevels of the state."Thecommittee said, "Truth",whichissuedthe Human Rights CouncilUNresolutionformedto assessthe humanitarian situation inSyria, said that "widespread abuse, systematic andserious humanrights",is being committedinthe Arab countrywheremass protests,sincenearly a year,calling forthe departure ofthe regime of PresidentBashar al-Assad.
Although theSyrian authoritiesdid notallow the entryof the fact-finding, the commissionsaidin its report,itdeliveredthe High Commissionerfor Human Rightscircumstanceis closed,contains thenames of persons whobear the greatest responsibilityfor human rights violationsin Syria…