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June 30 ..A popular uprising in Egypt

Indicatorsfall of theMuslim Brotherhoodhas becomevery close tothiswhat you expectmost ofthe Egyptian street, theBrotherhoodhas not yetbeen ableto achievewhat it promisedall categories ofthe Egyptian peoplehavetakenat the beginning ofthe commandthe confidence ofthe Egyptian people, and nowpeopledreamed ofliving, freedom andsocial justiceat the hands ofthe Muslim Brotherhood, butuntil nowdid not seeanysignsofpeoplerealizethis dream.
Dream, whosacrificedfor himyouth andmenhavesacrificedtheir bloodandtheir livesin orderto geta decent lifeisthattheythey livein the era ofthe dictatorand freedomdid nottaste thetasteso far andsocial justicehave becomethegreat hopeto reachthem, but theydid not getit untilthat moment.
Brotherhoodpromisedrenaissanceineverythinginthebread,fuelandsecurityinhygieneandintrafficand here we areasapeopleofEgyptsufficesomuchsimple, butwehavenotseenprogressandrenaissance.
All Egyptiansinall over the worldare waiting forgrave concerntotheendofthemonthafter theextremepolariza…