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A media confirms the assassination team Sisi

PressandMediaAhmed HassanCherkaoui"coordinatedmovement ofjournalistsagainstthe coup"ina television interviewhestressed thepersonal responsibilitythat the team's firstAbdel Fatah al-Sisi,, Deputy Prime Ministerand Ministerof Defense andMilitary Productionhas been subjected tothe process ofassassination.

Hewas assassinatedon 17October last yearandno longerexistsnowaddedSharkawyat the same timethat the teamSedkySobhychief of staffis nowis the one whoruns thepolitical landscape, andthey knowthatsome time agoand did notsay so, but themediawhich beganpaving the way forthisas we have seenAmrAdibassertsinhis speechthat theMuslim Brotherhoodwould be killedSisi.