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Obama frustrated by an Israeli strike was directed at Iran

Accused theformer U.S. ambassadorto the UnitedNations,JohnBolton,the Obama administrationleakedthe latest informationonIsrael's use ofmilitary basesin Azerbaijan fora military strike onIran,theformerin ordertofrustrate andprevent the establishment ofsuch astrike againstIsrael
The site saidthe newspaper "Maariv"Israelithat in the eventto allow thefightersthe Israeli military, the use ofmilitary bases inAzerbaijanto attackIran,also publishedthe magazine "Foreign Policy" of America, thatwill solveone ofthe most difficultchallenges andthe main obstacles toorthat wouldimpede thebeatingfacilitiescornIran- theneed to providefuel tothe Israelifighter planesin the air, so thestart ofthe attackfrom neighboring Azerbaijanto Iranwill solvethis problem.
It is noteworthy thatIsraeli sourcesdifferentwasaccusedObamalast month that heleaked thedifferent informationabout theopposingarms ofIsraeli military intelligencedifferentNetanyahu's position,and the presence ofconsensusbe…