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Embassy of Israel announces its deep admiration for the Egyptian Series displays during Ramadan

He expressedthe IsraeliEmbassyin Cairoin an official statementtodayhave a profoundadmiration forthe Ramadanminiseries"Jewish quarter", and stressedthat all themembers of the embassyverycarefulto follow thedailyserialcareful.

Theembassy said in abriefstatement,that the seriescaptures theJewsfor the first timeas human beings,havefeelingsjust likethe world,calling onall toabandonracismagainst them.
FamilyseriesJewish quarteron the Israelistatementdid not comment,a number of artistssaid theyperformedtheir rolenotonlytechnical andnothing to do withbeautifying theimage ofJews.

Pictures: turquoise body Amadi appears in the sky Netherlands

Dutchcitizenpicked upHarryBurton,a picture ofUFOshinea lightturquoisein the skythe Dutch city ofGroningen, where he lives,andBurtonwasstanding inthe window andin possession ofthe camera,whilethis mysteriousobjectin the skysuddenly appeared.
Suddenly appearedstrangebodyradiatesturquoiseflashcamera flash,I thoughthe wasjustlightningNormalandcontinuedtaking pictures, but Iduringmy reviewof thephotosI wonderedwhenthisillustriousbodysee me,whereI did not seeanythinglike thisin my life. "