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Insect discovered in Sinai produce red dye 10 thousand dollars worth of

InsectvaluerecentlydiscoveredMexicanagriculturaldelegationis currently visiting Egypt,where it was foundthat itproducesarare speciesofred pigmentused in thefamousIraniancarpet-making,where theprice of a literof themtotenthousanddollars.
Thestudyisunderwayto beginexpansion projectincactuscultivationinSinai,totakeadvantageofthegreateconomicvalueof the insect,whichhad not yethername.

You beautiful images from the island of Martinique!

Martiniqueisanislandlocatedin the east oftheCaribbeanSeatothenorth.Consideredatwenty-sixregionsconsistingoftheFrenchterritory.

Gold fell amid doubts as to avoid financial crisis

GoldfellamiddoubtsonwhethertheUnitedStateswillbeabletoavoidafinancialcrisis,buttheweaker yenhelpedthe recovery ofmetalsfuturespsychologicalin Tokyo. The price ofspotgoldtrading$ 5.73to$1652.56perouncebythetimeof00:56GMT,withoutthelowestlevelin fourmonthslastweek'srecord.
Stillthepreciousmetalon its way torecordingthesecondyearin a rowofgains,thanks totheverylowinterest ratesand concerns aboutthe financial stability ofthe euro area andthedirectionofcentralbanksto diversifyby investing inprecious metals. Theprice of silverincreased0.27 percentto29.94dollars an ounce.Platinumrose0.96percentto$1544.242perounce,whilepalladiumrose0.59percentto686.00dollars perounce.

Electronic chip grown human body launches doses of medication that needs!

A report published by the U.S. Time magazine, that a number of scientists was able to reach the development of an electronic chip.Grown inside the patient's body, from which to launch pharmacological doses in a timely and exact quantities required.
The report saidthat the slidescan beremotely controlled,andthereisnoneed toperiodicallyreviewthe patientto follow theresultsandadjustthedoses, The report pointed outthat the doctorsimplantedchipsinthebodiesofseven patients,requiresdrugtreatmentdosesinveryminutequantitiesindifferent parts oftheirbodies,andmustbe under thedirectsupervision of a doctor.According to the reportthatthenewslidesin thecasehave been producedon a commercial scale,willhelppatientsandphysicians toachievethebestresultsofthedrug.
You can adjust thesechipfor excretiondosesatspecifictimesthat aretunedbyyourdoctorin advance.Thedoctors usedpharmacologicaldosesto treatosteoporosisonly,at the moment andis expectedtoexpandthecircleofdiseasesthatcanbetreatedthroughthese slid…

Medical mistakes may soak in the festive season

May not immediately pay attention to some minor mistakes are harmless, but it may be as well ..For example: change the sleep time and attending late very negative effects on your health and your mood and your ability to think properly, and also weakens the body's immune where they become more susceptible to illness and fatigue.
Is another matter we observe is some opting for permanent use hand soap that contains antibiotics, especially in the holidays.
Also health of the mistakes that we may have, cancel breakfast time constraints .. 
Another mistake may play housewife during the holidays is not sufficiently cooked meat before they are submitted for guests or their home, and so little time ..
We hope this will help you avoid these points health hazards.

Summary Highlights of 2012

Year 2012 saw a lot of natural phenomena and various events, whether technical, political or sports.
British singer Adele wins six awards in the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in February 2012.
A huge fireworks display over the Tower Bridge to London to celebrate the opening of the London Games the Olympic opening ceremony was commissioned nearly 27 million pounds.
Chinese swimmer Cheng Tao (21 years), wins the gold medal in the 100-meter pool appeared within the category \ "6 S \" at the London Olympics for the disabled, breaking the world record.
U.S. President Barack Obama hugs his wife, Michelle, and became the most popular snapshot \ "Twitter \"
U.S. President Barack Obama cast a wry joke at a dinner at the White House in April / April 2012.
Hurricane \ "Sandy \" brings heavy rains caused flood waters in the invasion of parking in the state of New Jersey (United States).
Full body of a small elephant mammoth 42-thousand-year-old was in …

A huge planet, 450 million miles from Earth

I picked up a spacecraft of China pictures are unbelievable mind for a rocky planet, 450 million miles from Earth, which is a new scientific breakthrough in the world of Space Studies.
The Chinese spacecraft picked these stunning images of the planet rock and confirmed it passes the Earth in a repeating cycle of four years we also pose a risk due to the proximity of us more and more year after year.

Preparations for the reception of Christmas around the world

WiththeapproachofChristmasor"Christmas",andNewYear's,site"Verwh"takes youonajourneyaroundthe worldtowatchhowthePreparationsto celebrate Christmasinseveralplaces.You seeaselectionofimageswith the preparations forthefeastofthedifferentregionsandculturesaround the worldcollectedbyone common denominatoraChristmas,Fastmtawa,and everyyear, you arefine.

Latest technology 2013 hours working Mobile at the same time


Cristiano: I'm not arrogant nor accept accused me of arrogance

Deniedfootball starCristiano RonaldoReal Madrid's topscoreraccused«arrogance andhaughtinessasmanypeoplethink. Cristianosaidinaninterviewtothe Portuguese federationthat hedevotedhislifetofootballby100%, andsaid: «alwaystakethingsseriously, do not likethepitchbanter andlaughter, maybethat'swhat makestherestthinkI'm arrogantoroverbearing. 
Thecaptainof Portugal andthe best playerin theworld in 2008tobecreditedin thepositionwhere he arriveddue to thefootball, so hedevoted his lifefor ittobea professional player, so keepconstantlyonhis fitness andproper diet andsleeplong enoughanddo notensure.
Ronaldoemphasizedtheimportanceoffamily and friendsinhislife, andthathis sonisthemostimportantpersoninhislife, expressing his desire tohave childrenagain.

Obama supported a proposal to ban hundred kinds of weapons in the United States

The White House announcedTuesdaythatPresident BarackObamawouldsupporta billfiled bya memberDemocratintheSenateto banthe sale and transfer, manufacturing andimporthundredkindsofweapons.
Thisannouncementcomesupafterafewdaysofthebloodymassacrewitnessedanelementaryschoolin the town ofNew town. Killed27 people, includingtwentychildren.

German intelligence: Assad can use "chemical" within four hours

Confidential reportwarnedGermanintelligenceriskSyrianchemicalweapons, as was confirmed thattheSyrian armycoulduseitsarsenalofchemicalweapons, on the order ofSyrian PresidentBasharal-Assad inamatterofhours.
The report stressed thatthe Assad regimehas1000 tons ofchemical weapons, including 700 tons ofsarin gasand 100tons ofmustard gas andin-X, according to the report,calleda number ofmilitary leadersdeployweapons of mass destructionagainst the opposition, though not yetto take stepsto prepare for thedeploymentofchemicalweapons,Thereport also pointed outthat the Syrian regimehasfor that purposemore than 1000ballistic missile, andtheSyrian forcestrythese missiles, which appropriatedWestern intelligenceover the past months, where she launchedthe Syrian forces4 missilesScudin the direction ofthe city ofAleppo, which are stationedby the opposition

West "is a plan for a global war" deployed Patriot missiles in Turkey

ConsideredachiefofstaffIran's armedforces, GeneralHassanFiruzabadiSaturday thatWesterncountries"are makingplansforaglobalwar" intentiondeployment ofPatriotmissilebatterieson the border betweenTurkeyandSyria.
Theseniormilitaryofficialsaidasquotedbythe ISNA news agency, said that "Western countries areseekingtoset upPatriot missilesontheTurkish-Syrian border, aremakingplansforaglobalwar. Itisvery dangerous tohumanity andeventhefutureofEurope."
Turkey wasinDecember 2011targetalsoforAir Force commanderin theIranian Revolutionary GuardGen.AmirAliHajiZadeh, who warned thatIran ifthe threat, plans to"first targetmissile shieldanti-missileof theNATOin Turkey" before moving

Obama intends to sign the bill trade with Russia angers Putin

Expected to signU.S. PresidentBarack Obamaon thedraftlawonhuman rightsandtradewithRussia, an agreementwhich is expected toraisethe wrath of PresidentVladimir Putin.
Thebillworksto establishnormal trade relationswithRussia and therepealofthe 1976Act, which connectthe business relationship withtheformerSovietUnionand the migration ofSovietJewsandminorities.

Constitution of Egypt between acceptance and rejection

A new politicalstrugglegoingonnowintheEgyptianstreetbetween supporters ofthe new constitutioninthefourthAdawiyyahandwho refusetheideaofareferendumofthefoundationinfederalandLiberation.
Everyonerallyingsupportersforvictoryin the battle-bothteamsbelieves thattherightholderandthearchis nothing butatraitorto the homeland-thisisthemouthpieceofEgyptnow.
Asaresultofsocietaldebatebetweenallcurrents,professorsandmembers of the committeewillreachtheordinarycitizentoitscompatibilitywiththenewconstitution

4 million euros a year from Juventus for Drogba

JuventusdisplaysDrogbaanannualsalaryoffour millioneuros. AndwillplayDorgbafinalsAfrica Cup of NationswithhisnationalteamIvory CoastandplannedinSouthAfricafromJanuary19.
Noteworthy thatJuventus, whocrownedthe domestic leaguelast seasonstarboardwithoutanydefeat, reachedthesecondroundoftheChampions League, andthereforelookingfor a strikercanpromoteoffensiveforeheadinthe playoffsoftheprestigious Europeancompetition.

Computer latest in the world

The truth is thatwhatyou'reseeingnowisacomputerin the near future


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Hallelujah ...... strange creatures debut Chovha (pictures)


Honduran Ghost Bat
komondor Dog
Blob Fish
star-nosed Mole
Saiga Antelope