Miley Cyrus abuse of drugs

Deployment site "TMZ" a videotape showing the singer, Miley Cyrus, smoking a certain substance during a private meeting in her home, referred to the site that it was after the celebration of a long birth of the 18 last November, but pointing out that Cyrus have emerged, laughing and hallucinating after having smoking, using the tube Glass, known as "Pong. "

The Web site said the video was filmed by a friend of Cyrus, and demonstrates the use Serwi to the article "sage" of narcotic and hallucinogenic, which were prevented legally from California, according to a special survey conducted in 2007 in the United States on drug use and health. For his part, expressed the father of Miley Cyrus, who announced their separation in October, his annoyance that the video, which has become a modern media in recent days, and stated through the "Twitter ": "I am very sorry, I did not have any idea about this tape, I Like you, I saw for the first time on the Internet, and I feel very sad because the mother


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