Arrest the first suspect of leaking documents and confidential Wikileaks

After that accused the judiciary of the U.S. military, officially, in the month of May last Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldiers in Iraq, he leaked a video showing a U.S. helicopter bombed the process turned out to be led to the deaths of civilians, to a site dedicated to exposing confidential documents.

Detained again, Bradley Manning, the prime suspect of leaking secret U.S. documents to Wikileaks site and mail, in a cell inside a military base in Konatiko, in the state of Virginia.

The Bradley Manning, 23 years old, had joined the U.S. Army in 2007, and became an intelligence analyst in Iraq, pass under the hands of thousands of prohibited information accessed from the public in the Hummer U.S. base, located about 40 miles to the east of Baghdad.
Born Bradley Manning in a small town in Oklahoma, and spent part of his childhood in Wales, where he studied in the town of his mother "Haverfordwest", and then returned to the United States at the age of thirteen, and during his high school years was his classmates called the "obsessed computer ". After returning from Iraq has begun the soldier gay young man complaining of feeling isolated in the army.

While spending nearly 14 hours, reading classified documents became Manning feels more and more disappointed by the U.S. foreign policy, and he describes the "military intelligence" as combining opposites. It was said that Manning tracing Adrian Lamo and connect with him as an expert earlier in piracy computing (hacker) in the United States, and believed that the latter is the one who helped him in the transfer of information in its possession to the outside world.

But Lamo alerted U.S. authorities later, and gave them a series of letters exchanged between him and Manning. The latter was told of Lamu on the information he found on the terrible, a return to the private sphere with the public, more than to remain forgotten in a dark room in Washington, DC.
t was granted to allow Manning has opened the door in front of him to gain access to information is a special staff working in the U.S. military and government officials and private contractors. Investigators are trying to detect whether there was Manning, who helped the U.S. military from the inside or outside.

He claimed to Lamu Manning had told him that to his knowledge of at least one person within the U.S. military be able to access data without permission. The site "Wikileaks" strip was published in April last depicts the Apache helicopters to attack civilians in Iraq and the killing of Kadrin journalists from Reuters, 2007
Manning was arrested the following month, and then charged with "Data transfer prohibited" and delivering defense information to "unauthorized source," and this means a maximum prison sentence of up to 52 years. With the subsequent disclosure of confidential documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon described Manning as "a person of interest" in the ongoing search for the source.

But the site "Wikileaks" refused to confirm that Manning be a party to the leaks. Two weeks ago, said a member of the group formed to support Manning The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Chicago O'Hare International Airport have arrested him. It was alleged David House, 23 years old, who was visiting the Manning Base in Quantico, he was interrogated at length, and confiscated his computer laptop.


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