Berlusconi's awkward daughter of the "scandals" her father

Returned again to shed the spotlight on the controversy surrounding the reputation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but this time came from within the family.
The magazine quoted in Italian Barbara, the daughter of Mr Berlusconi, saying it was "concerned
Very "to the frequency of alleged scandals about her father that she is now embarrassed to talk about.

Also invested Barbara, a graduate of philosophy, aged 26 years, the interview with the editor of the Italian version of the magazine "Vanity Fair", on news of investigations and scandals of celebrities, to criticize strongly stripper past, which was brought by her father to be part of his cabinet.

Barbara said that the rumors and stories published and has become current on the life of her father and put "under severe psychological pressure. "

In a veiled criticism of the actions of her father, Barbara said she is not with some of those behaviors, "but I must also give credence to the version of events my father. "
The most important one of the scandals surrounding Berlusconi those comments, made at the end of last month, a prostitute named Nadia Egypt (27 years), which said it had submitted a "sexual services twice," Italian Prime Minister, and paid her for those "services."

The club claimed that Berlusconi personally invited to perform in two concerts in one of his palaces, and in the concerts there was a large number of young women, girls and some of them as if they were obese at the age of adolescence.

But Berlusconi defended himself responded to these allegations by saying that the club "paid her for telling lies" about him, and discredit him.

Barbara says that her father what he called "vulnerabilities" had a negative impact on his personal life and political career.

It is said that mother Barbara, Veronica Lario, had asked for separation from the Berlusconi last year.

Comments Barbara sarcastic and bitter former striptease dancer, which joined the government was addressed to Mara Carvajna, Minister responsible for the file on equal opportunities, and recently complained that she was the victim of conspiracies and the complexities of the political machine in Italy.

Carvajna (35 years) was the cause of separation or Barbara about her father, in February of 2007 called Veronica, Berlusconi's second wife, an apology from him after the television quoted flirtations Italian Prime Minister obvious Carvanja during the Awards Ceremony.

Barbara said that less is said about the woman stepped from a complaint just a strip dancer in a TV program to Secretary of entertainment, it's "ugly and Mqzap."


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