Hezbollah threatens to impose a naval blockade on Israel

Threatened to sources close to Hezbollah, the imposition of "naval blockade" on Israel in the event of a battle or a military confrontation between them.
The Israeli public radio quoted the newspaper as "opinion"
Kuwaiti sources as saying that Hezbollah's stockpile of missiles Bur - Sea enough to dual-task, ie to defend the coast of Lebanon on the one hand and the closure of ports and the Israeli siege imposed by the other.

The sources pointed out that Hezbollah can monitor any ship heading towards the destruction of Israel and, through a rocket carrying a warhead weighing more than half a ton of high explosive materials.

The seizure is close to Hezbollah to commercial vessels that mean Israel is not usually equipped military defenses, making them helpless in the event target, which will prevent insurance companies from covering traffic in the direction of Israel during the war.


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