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British special forces are hunting Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

According tothe SundayExpressnewspaperpublishedon Sunday thatspecial forcesare huntinga BritishColonel's son,Saif al-IslamMuammarGaddafi, afterthe fall of thecity of Sirtelast Thursday.
The newspaper saida small unitofBritish special forcesandtheFrench werechasingal-Gaddafi,and asked her toshift its focustoIslamafter the death offormer LibyanColonel.
She addedthatSaif al-Islam, wantedon charges ofwar crimes, it may beinjuredin a raid byfightermodels(Tornado) belonging to theBritishRoyal Air Force, although thishas not been confirmedandreportedafterreportsthat hemaybe on his wayto theNiger
The newspaper saidthatSeif AL-Islam, which hedescribed as the "millionaireplayboy", is the onlysenior members ofthe Gaddafi familysurvivingafter the death ofhis father andhis brother,Mutasim,and the flight ofhis sister andthree brothersto Algeriaand Niger.

Andattributed toa security sourceas saying that "a team ofabout eightsoldiers from theBritish special forcesand FrenchGaddafiwas ch…

Powerful earthquake hits eastern Turkey, and leaves 85 dead and over 300 wounded

A powerful earthquake struckSunday afternooneast ofTurkey,asthe American Institutefor monitoringearthquakesof magnitude7.3that thedegree ofcausing, according toTurkish mediafall of28people,according topreliminary information,and morethan 200injured andmajordamage.Followingthe devastating earthquakewentErdogan andsome of his aidesand the Minister ofHealthtothestrickencity,andexperts predictthat thedeath tollof upto 1000people
According toAnatolia news agencysaid several housescollapsedfollowing aearthquakein theeasternprovince ofVannear the Iranian borderandat a distance ofmore than1200 kmeast of the capitalAnkara.

She said50 peoplewere taken tohospitals inthe city of Van, wherethe airportwasdamagedand shiftedflights toErzurum, about400 kmnorth.
TheAgency confirmedthat thecontinuousaftershocksand selectone of them, about 19kmnorth-eastandthemagnitude of5.6degrees, according toAmericanObservatory.

And selectalsothe epicenterabout 19kmnortheast ofthis city, andat a depth of7.2km, according t…

Pictures .. "One-eyed shark," shark alien with one eye!!Pictures .. "One-eyed shark," shark alien with one eye!!

Fisherman discoveredthe Gulf of California, the sharkwithone eye,andso-called"one-eyedshark," andas a resultof the deterioration ofthe marine environment.Raised theone-eyedsharkconsiderable debateover the past months,where he was saidrumors ofa picturefabricatedandthetricksshambyAlffucob, while theAgency issuedMSNBCfor scientific researchreport thatthe shark-eyedreal and notillusory,and that thefishaliveuntilnow.
SaidFelipeGalvanMajaniaexpertsharks,from theCentro, Mexico:"This isextremely rareas far asI know,has recordedthis fishfromamong 50cases ofabnormalitiesof fish, as theshark-eyed, orwithone eyenicknamed"Salqhob"or"the thickness ofthe bull"andknowthatis characterized bycongenitalBadtarabhrareand behaviorisexpected,although ithasfailedin the front partintroduction tothe brain."
Andbreed, "penny-eyed" in thelate summer andearly fallin the watershallowlocatedat themouths ofriversafter pregnancyfor 12months, and can bea femalesharkbull…

Animal protection organizations, calls for ban on slaughter of chickens in the forgiveness of the Jews

Criticized byanimalprotection organizationsin Israel,theJewish rabbisabuseof chickensinthe Yom Kippur"Kippur,"Before theday ofthe JewishHolidayKippurJewsperformtheritualis said totransfertheir sinsto thechickensthatareslaughteredlater.In thistradition, calledKparot, ie,Yom Kippur, thebelieversin thisweatherpasses thechickenthree timesover their heads, chantingprayers,and thenslaughterthe animalas a wayto ridtheir livesofsin,andare thendonatedmeatchicken.
Throughout theyears, theJewishleadersin Israel and theUnited States callsfor an end tothe use ofchickens inAlkparotweather, consideringitas cruelto animals.This has resulted incontroversy overanimal welfareorganizationstocreatean animal rightsadvocate, and hasabout fiftyactivethis year,the distribution ofreligiouspublicationsrefer tothe performance ofweatherAlkparotopposedto the teachings ofthe Torah
Despite thesecalls fromultra-Orthodoxagainst theweather, thereligious Jewswho wereperformingaAlkparotappearedlast days inJerusal…

Israel: Turkey is playing with fire

Israelicommentators have warnedofescalationbeyondthatpursued bythe Turkish Prime MinisterRecepTayyipErdogan, againstTelAvivandthe redlinesof theslide towardsprovocationsfieldominous.Under the title«Turksare playing with fire»
WroteAlexFishman, an analystof Security Affairsin the newspaper«YediothAhronoth» yesterday,Erdogancrossesthe thin linebetween theescalation ofverbal, diplomatic, andto seeka military confrontation, noting thatTurkish Prime Minister«began workingmotivatedinstinctive»afterthe«universalattribute thebehaviorof politicalanti-Israel'smotivesandmethodologyis wellplannedwithclear objectives»