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New laser device detects diseases by leaps and bounds

Researchers fromthe University ofAdelaidedetecta new devicetechnology works(optical dog nose),whichcandetectthe presence ofcancer, inflammationand diabetesvery quickly.
The deviceandtheuse of speciallasertechniqueto measuregaseousmolecularlevel,duringthe metabolic processesin the body,andthata change in thelevelsappearwhen there is adefectordisease.

Therefore,this devicewillbe usefulin the detection ofmany diseasessuch as diabetesand cancers ofthe digestive systemandlungdiseaseandasthma,before the appearance ofany externalsymptoms.
AndrefersJamesAnstey, a researcherat the Institute(IPA)forScienceandPhotonicsat the Universitysensorthat thissystem useslaserlight toEasterandinvisibleparticlesthat are presentin the sample.

Israeli lawyer is on the Bank of Egypt in the amount of 25 million pounds

In 2007,an Israelilawyerwentunder the name "AshrafJassar"toBank ofEgyptsaidin front ofthe heads ofthe bankthat the bankowns1000 sharesof thehotel "King David"in Jerusalem,it has beenplaced under theAbsentee PropertyLawin Israel.
In 2009Jassarfiled a claimon behalf of theBankcallsfor the reinstatement oftheir rights,butthenit turned outthat the bankhas been the victimof the Israelilawyerquorum,this manwas able todeludeBank ofEgyptthat he cansueto get a400 millionshekels, "about800 millionpounds"in the interests ofthe absentee propertyclaiming thatthe judicialexpensesof upto 2%of the value ofthe amount.

And gotthis lawyerfrom the banktoNIS15 milliontoabout 25million Egyptian pounds, and thereal value ofjudicialexpensespaid byabout1994LEisnot.
The IsraelicourthasruledinHaifain 2013, he was sentenced to8 yearsandcompensationof $260lawyerafter being convicted offraudanddefraudingthe Bank ofEgypt.To this daynoreturn of fundslootedorpaycompensationtothe Bank ofEgyp…