Israeli lawyer is on the Bank of Egypt in the amount of 25 million pounds

In 2007, an Israeli lawyer went under the name "Ashraf Jassar" to Bank of Egypt said in front of the heads of the bank that the bank owns 1000 shares of the hotel "King David" in Jerusalem, it has been placed under the Absentee Property Law in Israel.
In 2009 Jassar filed a claim on behalf of the Bank calls for the reinstatement of their rights, but then it turned out that the bank has been the victim of the Israeli lawyer quorum, this man was able to delude Bank of Egypt that he can sue to get a 400 million shekels, "about 800 million pounds" in the interests of the absentee property claiming that the judicial expenses of up to 2% of the value of the amount.

And got this lawyer from the bank to NIS 15 million to about 25 million Egyptian pounds, and the real value of judicial expenses paid by about 1994 LE is not. 
The Israeli court has ruled in Haifa in 2013, he was sentenced to 8 years and compensation of $ 260 lawyer after being convicted of fraud and defrauding the Bank of Egypt. To this day no return of funds looted or pay compensation to the Bank of Egypt, and the site said "Kalcalast" Israel's King David Hotel was opened in 1930 with a number of Egyptian businessmen by a company "Israel Hotels." At the end of the fifties and after the bankruptcy of the hotel was bought by a family "Ferdman" and became one of the hotel chain "Dan" Family-owned hotels. The hotel became the seat of diplomats and heads of state during official visits to Israel. 


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