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: Know monthly salary for the next Egyptian President

Metthis morning,the Council of Ministershave expressedtheir approval of thenew draft lawto amend themonthly salaryof thePresident of the Republic, sothatdoubles thebasicmonthly salary, whichislegally determinedfrom2,000 poundsto 21thousand pounds,soin additionto 21thousand poundsof otherallowancerepresentationowed​​himforpracticedtasksthe presidentialoffice.

It is worth mentioningthatthe new draft lawthatstates that thescope of the presentfinancial transactionorthesalaryfrom the beginning ofthe work ofthe president-electnextdoes notapply tointerim president, who is currentlya"counselorAdliMansour," andwe seeon the other sidethat the governmentcalls us tosaveand notextravagantat anything,andwe noteherethat theallowances of the Presidentof the Republic inthe yearsshe was24thousand poundsa yearis divided into12thousand poundsa basicsalary,and 12thousand pounds inthe representation ofanyallowanceby2,000 poundsper month.We seethatthis isa significant increasein thesalary of the Pr…