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Strange phenomenon will occur in the coming days, the world is witnessing every 10 million years

Said Dr.AshrafTadrosnice, ChairmanDepartment of AstronomyInstitute ofthe National ResearchAstronomy and Geophysics, said thatastronomersawaitthe most important eventduring the current yearand thegoal ofvisitingcomet"Eason," whichwill enableto seewith the naked eyein the phenomenon ofvery rareoccuronce every 10million years.

Dr.addedthattheguiltyEasonthantoshinethelightofthemoon, which ismakingitswayaroundtheplanetinthenextmonth of December, which is expectedto beastronomersmorecometsradiationandvision inthe twenty-firstcentury.
That theguiltyEasonsourceregionin the solar systemknown as the"Oort cloud"stretching from thetopoftheorbits of the planetstothe limitsofthesolarsystem.
SaysMiddle East News Agencyin a reportabout the eventastronomerrare thatin 2013can be regarded asspecial, asastronomersaspossiblefor themsince its inceptionwatch andtrack and monitormanyasteroids and cometsthat have passedalong theplanetwithout havinga negative impactorrisk to thepopulation

All News You Want: Israel honors Egyptian and Tlqubh Naseer Jewish pe...

All News You Want: Israel honors Egyptian and Tlqubh Naseer Jewish pe...: The former is the first of its kind, an Israeli Foundation awarded the title of " champion of the Jewish people " ...

Israel honors Egyptian and Tlqubh Naseer Jewish people

Theformeristhefirstofits kind,anIsraeliFoundation awardedthe title of "championoftheJewishpeople"toEgyptlatedoctor,hewaslivinginGermanyduringWorld War II.

And became adoctorMohammed Helmifirst Arab togivehim"YadVashem",whichholdsthedocument andcommemoratethe Jews whowere killedat the hands ofNazi forces,orwhatisknownasthe"Holocaust",aprizeentitled"honestamongnations."
sraelRadioreportedthat the organizationwas awardedthetitleoftheEgyptiandoctor"inrecognitionoftheefforts madeincollaborationwithaGermanwoman,namedSturmanunique,during World War IIin Berlin,to save thechildren ofaJewishfamily."
According to a statementoftheFoundationHelmi,whowasstudying medicinein Berlin,theotherisexposuretoprosecution byNazi forces, andpreventedfrommarriageGermanBouktaibth,claiming that itdoes not belong tothegenus"Aryan.
TheIsraeliestablishmentthattheEgyptian"championoftheJewishpeople,"hehidaJewishfamilycalledAnhGotman,athishomeand the homes of…