Israel honors Egyptian and Tlqubh Naseer Jewish people

The former is the first of its kind, an Israeli Foundation awarded the title of "champion of the Jewish people" to Egypt late doctor, he was living in Germany during World War II.

And became a doctor Mohammed Helmi first Arab to give him "Yad Vashem", which holds the document and commemorate the Jews who were killed at the hands of Nazi forces, or what is known as the "Holocaust", a prize entitled "honest among nations."
srael Radio reported that the organization was awarded the title of the Egyptian doctor "in recognition of the efforts made in collaboration with a German woman, named Sturman unique, during World War II in Berlin, to save the children of a Jewish family."
According to a statement of the Foundation Helmi, who was studying medicine in Berlin, the other is exposure to prosecution by Nazi forces, and prevented from marriage German Bouktaibth, claiming that it does not belong to the genus "Aryan.
The Israeli establishment that the Egyptian "champion of the Jewish people," he hid a Jewish family called Anh Gotman, at his home and the homes of a number of his friends until the end of the war.
The Israeli establishment is currently attempting to contact Porth late Egyptian doctor, who died in 1982, as well as German women, to receive the award.