Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rima Fakih in the arms of American soldiers

Rima Fakih, Miss United States of America for the year 2010, the Muslim of Lebanese origin, the introduction of joy and happiness to the hearts of American soldiers.
Which stirred controversy for what you are trying Rima Lebanese assets for promotion of American soldiers.
Rima al-Faqih has jumped between hands filed what is known as skiing in the body.
Is it possible to forget the Arab world to do what these soldiers and their fellow Arabs and Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Djokovic faces Nadal won London

Drawn world number one in tennis, Rafael Nadal, with Serb Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych and American Andy Roddick in the first group in the last tournaments of the ATP professional players to be hosted by London.
The Swiss Roger Federer, seeded second in the world, came in the second group that also within Sweden's Robin Soderling and Briton Andy Murray and Spaniard David Ferrer.
Murray will start the opening match against Soderling on Sunday, followed by a match against Federer Ferrer in the second set....

The group matches will start first on the second day, playing against Djokovic, Berdych, followed by a match against Nadal, Roddick.
According to the International Classification of ATP, Soderling climbed to fourth after winning the Paris Masters, Murray has fallen to fifth, and hopes to assist the London tournament to shine, especially as it will encourage English fans to him.
Federer also hopes to win the championship last season of tennis for the year 2010, after losing a sudden in front of Frenchman Gilles Monfils in the semi-finals of the Paris.
Federer lost to Monfils 7-6 6-7 7-6, to reach the French player to face the fourth seed, Sweden's Robin Soderling, who is running the final turn for the first time.
He acknowledged the difficulty Monfils match played, saying that Federer "forced him to make the maximum capabilities," and added: "I am constantly improved during the tournament, my level has dropped somewhat in the third set, but the audience supported me."

The quarter-final of the tournament has seen a star out of the game, Rafael Nadal, the second seed in the tournament, Serbian Novak Djokovic.
Federer said that he had a good feeling especially as he is playing well lately, pointing out that he had a chance to win a championship in London.
Referred to the record of Federer in the last season was excellent, scoring 29 wins against 7 defeats since he participated in tournaments in 2002

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

In Japan: 88 committed suicide every day!

To commit suicide in an increasingly day by day, it is clear that the living conditions and pressures of life play an important role in the suicide case. So that the Japanese man who committed suicide in a live broadcast on the Internet recently is one of tens of thousands killed themselves in the Asian country this year.In 2009, the oldest 32 845 Japanese committed suicide in a significant increase from the rate of suicides in Japan, which has been hovering at around 30 thousand cases per year over the past twelve years, which means that 88 Japanese killed themselves every day, the rate is highest in the world.
Experts link between suicides and issues such as living conditions, and a sense of shame, and self-esteem, and a culture of competition in Japan. In the economic environment is safe, a growing number of Japanese males (more than 70 percent of suicides are males) are no longer confident of keeping the function of an honorable and support their families. To make matters worse, such people may be involved in what is known as "loan shark hell" LOAN SHARK HELL, causing them to feel humiliation and shame. Does not match the culture of suicide in Japan, only South Korea.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Berlusconi's live concerts nationality Putin and Blair

A continuation of a series of sex scandals faced by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, which led many Italians to believe that it has not been home to more than smear, revealed a new girl on new dimensions related to the lives of Berlusconi, saying: "The private plane was used to transport marijuana "cannabis" to sex parties at his villa in Sardinia region. " According to The Telegraph, the British, told Nadia Macri (28 years), the investigators that Berlusconi paid her 10 thousand euros for having sex with her, when she visited him at his villa in the past year, as well as in Arcor, where there is his private residence outside the city of Milan in April. The newspaper pointed out that McRae, a fashion model and showgirl on television, I dreamed of running in the most famous reality TV show in Italy, claimed that he was providing marijuana to about 25 young lady was summoned to the Villa Sardinia, where it was Berlusconi entertain about Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin. The girl said Italian investigators, said that cannabis was present in all rooms, was brought on board a private plane to the Prime Minister, according to Italian newspapers, adding that she had seen Makri number of guests smoke, but the prime minister never did. He developed the allegations surfaced in the investigation of a gang that deal in cocaine ring involving a former party Freedom, who belongs to Berlusconi, in testimony recorded last month and came in 300 pages, "said McRae that she went to the homes of Berlusconi's three times, but has set up sex with him twice only, and that gave her 10 thousand euros and other small gifts, and that they had personally giving them money in the envelope. For his part, Berlusconi's lawyer denied the allegations and said that other witnesses have denied that too.

Friday, 5 November 2010

9 امور يكرها أحمدي نجاد من بينها الأخطبوط بول الـ "غبي"!

هناك عدة أمور في العالم يحبذها شخص ما والآخر لا يحبذها، ومؤخراً ذكرت صحيفة التليجراف وجرائد أخرى أجنبية أن الرئيس الإيراني أحمدي نجاد صرح قبل أيام عن أبرز 9 أمور يكرهها في حياته وهي:
1. الأخطبوط بول:
الرئيس أحمدي نجاد يكره الأخطبوط بول ويعتبره "غبياً"!!
لم يرتدي نجاد نهائيا ربطة عنق!!
وأعلن ذلك نجاد خلال كلمة ألقاها في مطلع الأسبوع الماضي، وقال إن توقعات بول لنتائج مباريات كأس العالم كانت رمزاً من رموز الخطأ التي لا يعتمد عليها.
2. رابطة العنق:
فلم يرتدي نجاد نهائياً رابطة عنق إلا في أضيق المواقف، فيعتبر نجاد رابطة العنق ومنذ الثورة الإسلامية بإيران عام 1979 رمزاً من رموز الثقافة الغربية.
3. الشعر السيئ:
فيرغب نجاد في تخليص البلد من أصحاب الشعر السيئ بإجبار وزارة الثقافة الإيرانية بتوزيع كتيب لأحدث القصات لكي يصبح الشعب جميعاً ذا شكل راقٍ.
4. عدم الالتزام المرأة بالحجاب الشرعي:
فأصدرت الشرطة الإيرانية الشهر الماضي تحذيرات إلى 62.000 من النساء الذين كانوا غير ملتزمات بالحجاب الشرعي في إطار حملة على اللباس والسلوك.
5. الممثلون ذات الأجور العالية:
فيكره نجاد الممثلين ذات الأجور العالية، وأبرزهم محمد جولزار الذي حصل على 55 ألف جنيه إسترليني مقابل تصوير مشهد واحد في أحد الأفلام.
6. الإنترنت:
في نوفمبر 2008 منع نجاد أكثر من خمسة ملايين مستخدم للإنترنت من الدخول عليه، لأنه يرى أنه غير أخلاقي.
7. تويتر:لأنه يخلق نوعاً من التوتر لدى نجاد، خاصة في الأمور العسكرية والإجراءات القانونية.
8. الفيسبوك:
فيرى أنه محاولة لإحداث التوتر في الأمور السياسية، خاصة وقت الانتخابات في يونيو الماضي، كما تم حظره.
9. الكتاب غير الأخلاقيين:
فيكره الكتاب الذين يكتبون في الجنس أو عن الحساسيات في الدين والسياسة، رغم شكوى الكثير من تشديد الرقابة من قبل نجاد.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Video .. The earth split and swallow a car in Germany!

Is amazing and unbelievable happened in a residential area in the city of Hmalcaldn state of Thuringia, central Germany suddenly, opened on Sunday night - Monday, a huge gap with a length of 40 meters and display 15 meters, the center of the area and made swallowing a car, and is likely that the depth of the gap is about 20 meters, but he did not is to identify the reasons for the emergence of the gap.
It was reported that there is another vehicle threatened to fall in the gap. According to preliminary data did not result in the event of injuries. Has been evacuated several homes in the area and population transfer in a safe place. There is a large crowd of police and firefighters in the region to deal with it. And the size of the gap, said Mayor Thomas Kaminski told the station of "mother. De. R 1" German radio: "It is beyond any conception." Kaminski said that he was sent a helicopter to take pictures of the scene to accurately measure the depth of the gap.

Scandal of high - caliber maid Michael Jackson reveals his sexual identity

Ten years after his death, the late American pop star Michael Jackson came out of her   silence, speaking on a dark side that migh...