Berlusconi's live concerts nationality Putin and Blair

A continuation of a series of sex scandals faced by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, which led many Italians to believe that it has not been home to more than smear, revealed a new girl on new dimensions related to the lives of Berlusconi, saying: "The private plane was used to transport marijuana "cannabis" to sex parties at his villa in Sardinia region. " According to The Telegraph, the British, told Nadia Macri (28 years), the investigators that Berlusconi paid her 10 thousand euros for having sex with her, when she visited him at his villa in the past year, as well as in Arcor, where there is his private residence outside the city of Milan in April. The newspaper pointed out that McRae, a fashion model and showgirl on television, I dreamed of running in the most famous reality TV show in Italy, claimed that he was providing marijuana to about 25 young lady was summoned to the Villa Sardinia, where it was Berlusconi entertain about Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin. The girl said Italian investigators, said that cannabis was present in all rooms, was brought on board a private plane to the Prime Minister, according to Italian newspapers, adding that she had seen Makri number of guests smoke, but the prime minister never did. He developed the allegations surfaced in the investigation of a gang that deal in cocaine ring involving a former party Freedom, who belongs to Berlusconi, in testimony recorded last month and came in 300 pages, "said McRae that she went to the homes of Berlusconi's three times, but has set up sex with him twice only, and that gave her 10 thousand euros and other small gifts, and that they had personally giving them money in the envelope. For his part, Berlusconi's lawyer denied the allegations and said that other witnesses have denied that too.


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