Video .. The earth split and swallow a car in Germany!

Is amazing and unbelievable happened in a residential area in the city of Hmalcaldn state of Thuringia, central Germany suddenly, opened on Sunday night - Monday, a huge gap with a length of 40 meters and display 15 meters, the center of the area and made swallowing a car, and is likely that the depth of the gap is about 20 meters, but he did not is to identify the reasons for the emergence of the gap.
It was reported that there is another vehicle threatened to fall in the gap. According to preliminary data did not result in the event of injuries. Has been evacuated several homes in the area and population transfer in a safe place. There is a large crowd of police and firefighters in the region to deal with it. And the size of the gap, said Mayor Thomas Kaminski told the station of "mother. De. R 1" German radio: "It is beyond any conception." Kaminski said that he was sent a helicopter to take pictures of the scene to accurately measure the depth of the gap.


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