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Egypt: the discovery of the largest gas field in the "history" coasts of the Mediterranean

The Egyptian governmentannounced agreaterdetectionof natural gas inEgyptandcalled "Sunrise"deepinthe Mediterranean Seawith the help ofthe ItaliancompanyEniwater, whichexpertsconsiderthe largestoildiscoveryin history,according to anews"CNN"station.
SaidEniin a reportreceived bythe engineerSherifIsmail,Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, said thatthe new discoveryincludesoriginalreservesestimated at30 trillioncubic feet ofnatural gas,andcovers an areaup to 100square kilometers, addingthat hecould becomeone of the largestgas discoveriesin the world.

The ministry said thedisclosureopensnew horizons forotherdiscoveries,andconfirms thatthe Mediterranean region, Egypt, fromthe mainload-bearingsedimentarybasinsof natural gasin the world.

How dangerous the new Suez Canal to Israel

FamousIsraeli newspaper"Yediot Aharonot"indicated that thenewSuez Canal,which was opened byEgyptian PresidentAbdel FattahEl-Sisiis adanger toIsraelandtheregion as a whole,Where she saidthatCairois seeking toimprove the globalpositionthrough the canal,andcompletely ignoredpleas fromscientistsabout theenvironmental damagethat result fromthe new channelwith respect tothe Mediterranean Sea.

The newspaper said theexpertsemphasized that theexpansion ofthe canalwill increase themovement ofsea creaturesof the Mediterranean,andthiswill hurt thelocalfishand lead tothe extinction ofspeciesincluding,butthat the worst isthat hewill movethemtoxicobjects,which carry theCM-type(Taatrodooudin)which causesmuscle paralysisand deathin cases ofcertain,andindicatedthat there isa group of internationalresearchers,16embracean expertin the field ofmarine biology,it appealed toEgyptto providean evaluation of theimpact on the environmentbeforedrillingthe new channelEgypt,whileEgypthas ignoredit.
Says Dr…