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Found dead American actress Misty Upham River in the city of Seattle

Americanannounceda forensic doctor,hewas found deadat the bottom ofthe rivernear the city ofSeattleis ayoung AmericanactressMistyUphamandaftera week ofcommunicationmade ​​bystatingthat sheis missingher family.

Uphamandparticipatedin the film(AugusteOsageCounty)last yearand playedthe role ofa nursecaring fora patientwith cancerembodiedAmerican actressMeryl Streep.
SaidTracyRector, one ofthe members of theteamformed by theUphamfamilyto search forand becamea spokeswoman forthe familysaidthe young actresswas suffering fromanxietydisordersandwas notunder the influence ofanydrugswhen he toldher fatherabout theloss.
She added that theUphamfamilydo not feelthat theycommitted suicidebecause the areathat fellthenapparentlysawthe fall ofmanybefore.

Uphamwas nominatedfor theIndependentSpiritAwardfor Best Supporting Actressfor her rolein the movie(FrozenRiver)in 2008.

Strange appearance of eggs believed to be from extraterrestrials

Discover theAustralian city of Sydneyresidentswhat looks likewhitecolorGreen,hasZarandshores ofSydney, Australia,thousands ofaliengreen color,andresembleeggs,andresearchersbelievedthatthese objectslargelyextraterrestrials.
Some scholars saidthattheeggscan be atypeofseaweedsponge,andsaid itgrowthisoval shapeto protecthimselffrom anyenemyattack him, He said, "AlastairBear,"a professorin theCollege of Environmental Scienceat the University, "NewWales",thatthese objectsare likelyto be averyrare typeofgreen algaeliving,has appearedin thisoddly shaped,due tosomeweather conditionsand sunlight.