: Know monthly salary for the next Egyptian President

Met this morning, the Council of Ministers have expressed their approval of the new draft law to amend the monthly salary of the President of the Republic, so that doubles the basic monthly salary, which is legally determined from 2,000 pounds to 21 thousand pounds, so in addition to 21 thousand pounds of other allowance representation owed ​​him for practiced tasks the presidential office.

 It is worth mentioning that the new draft law that states that the scope of the present financial transaction or the salary from the beginning of the work of the president-elect next does not apply to interim president, who is currently a "counselor Adli Mansour," and we see on the other side that the government calls us to save and not extravagant at anything , and we note here that the allowances of the President of the Republic in the years she was 24 thousand pounds a year is divided into 12 thousand pounds a basic salary, and 12 thousand pounds in the representation of any allowance by 2,000 pounds per month. We see that this is a significant increase in the salary of the President of the Republic.


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