The arrest of Israeli spy in Egypt .. And young people made ​​fun of him

Egyptian authorities have arrested an Israeli man in Egypt, on suspicion of spying for the Israeli Mossad, and in doing trying to sow discord among the youth of Egypt during the Egyptian revolution, and the recruitment of young Egyptians to act against the government after the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak. And ordered Hisham Badawi, head of the Supreme State Security Prosecution Israeli detention for 15 days on suspicion of "spying on Egypt in order to harm the interests of political and economic. "

Raised the news of the arrest of spy Israeli called Ilan Chime in Egypt, a storm of jokes and sarcastic comments on my site "Facebook" and "Twitter ", also published the pictures in circulation for a spy during his participation in the revolution of January 25, with prayers in mosques, Al-Azhar Mosque , as well as other images his military suit.
And mocked the commentators of a spy, and considered naive Kaljuasis Israelis in Egyptian movies, and someone said on Twitter: "We Must torture, spy de like what Madame Nadia soldier Atazpt in films, is a spy stays LES million images like this? that was a minus brief with the announcer's famous Mona Chadli. "With an exclamation point on a young Facebook spy photos of the many in Egypt, said: "You are spies Jay, does not envisage? Jay .. I do not imagine that with an apology for the film quality"
Press reports indicate that the Egyptian-Ilan Chaim was an officer in the Israeli army in Lebanon war, during which, and then recruited by the Israeli Mossad, who sent in the third day of the revolution, and entered Egypt Visa for tourism. She reported that the Israeli spy was claiming in Tahrir Square demonstrators amid news that Romanian, Australian and again.  


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