A rare case: a child suffering from the decomposition of the skin at the touch of

Like any new born baby, needs to Prodi Cartes care and intensive surveillance around the clock as it is very sensitive, but Prodi's parents are facing another case altogether, and Enayathma far exceeds what is logical and natural.

Prodi is suffering from a very rare disease occurs once every million births, and the illness is called "epidermolysis bullosa", a serious illness causing the dissolution of the skin if touched.
When Brody was born, his body was not coating the skin layer, and appeared as a third-degree burned and the doctors could see his brain.
Prodi needs special attention, where his parents and his hands and his feet covered by medical dressings, which need to be changed daily. They also Iemlana very cautiously because of his skin break down once touching and start bleeding.

The doctor, therapist, do not give the family a glimmer of hope, the disease has no cure, but prayer and supplication for the better, and everything can be done is to keep changing the dressings in order not to inflame his open wounds.

His mother says: "I do not know that Mr Prodi will have a normal life, but we hope. Is screaming and crying when we got there with bandages and knows his fate. Broke my heart."   


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