2013: celestial satellite will pass close to Earth

The year 2013 will be distinctive among astronomers who will allow them to see the number of asteroids and comets that pass along the ground, without being a major threat to the planet.Beginning next week, astronomers will be on a date with the first celestial space Stmraly by the planet, an asteroid, "99,942 Apophis" named after the symbol of evil and darkness the ancient Egyptians.
The diameter of this asteroid 270 meters, and in the event of a collision land will generate energy equivalent to power 25 thousand atomic bomb like those dropped on Hiroshima.This asteroid was raised in 2004, panicking scientists who are conducting a survey to monitor any threat to Earth because of the celestial floating in space.
The radars will remain "NASA" stare toward the asteroid "Apophis" as it passed along the ground tomorrow, at a distance of 14.5 million miles from the Earth's surface. Thanks to these observations, scientists will be able to reduce the margin of error in their calculations. And will be visiting the second asteroid "2012 DA 14", which is smaller than "Apophis", with a diameter of 57 meters, but will pass on February 15 next very close to the surface of the planet at an altitude of 34,500 kilometers, he will cross the parallel orbits satellites Earth-orbiting 


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