Unidentified attacking the residence of the Ambassador of Egypt, Belgium

Vandals attacked the residence of Egypt's ambassador to Belgium, and set fire to the outer perimeter of the building, also threw glass exterior windows with stones, and they have maimed exterior walls with paint, without causing casualties, while Belgian police continue their efforts to uncover the circumstances of the attack.
As issued by the Egyptian Embassy in Brussels a statement in which it confirmed was the residence of the Ambassador, Fatima Zahra Etman, for "assault" by unknown, at about 1:30 am on Wednesday, are the Belgian capital, officials have ruled out the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to be there, "motivesbehind this political attack.
Confirmed Ambassador Fatima Zahra was at her residence for the attack, and said in remarks to TV "Dream" on Wednesday evening: "I was surprised by the group of people, trying to ignite a fire in the house of the diplomatic mission, and also the home of my, users in that Achammarej, and Alphenabl scorching 


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