U.S. ambassador in Cairo: Mubarak looks like a wolf political despise the people!U.S. ambassador in Cairo: Mubarak looks like a wolf political despise the people!

Despite the people's rejection of him and his regime, did not leave the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's power and announced that he will not leave until his term expires in September next, and then would not run for second term, also announced that in the event he leaves office will be chaos in the country, so , announced the site "Wikileaks said the U.S. ambassador in Cairo, depicts" boss "Hosni Mubarak, such as wolf political cling to power whatever the cost in a long letter about a custom in May 2009.
According to the American ambassador in Cairo at the time, it seems that the "threat" or a threat of the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated the thinking of the Egyptian President, as he considers Iran "the main enemy"in the region. The major principles such as human rights are "not concerned". And another letter in January 2010 confirm that he intends to run for the presidential elections in 2011 and that he "definitely will be re-elected" ...
N the issue of violence perpetrated by the authorities is that most of the topics and Rhoda in this diplomatic letters exchanged between 2005 and February 2010. The traditional response to those who receive the reins of power is the Egyptian exile. On January 31, 2010, said Egyptian intelligence chief Hassan Abdel Rahman, he did not get the "excesses against prisoners in the last ten years. "
Noted diplomatic messages repeatedly escalating hatred people on the boss. According to one of the messages of violent demonstrations that took place in the city of "Hometown"in 2008, that the words "corruption and contempt is on every tongue. " Upon arrival, Mohamed ElBaradei, to Egypt in the month of February 2010, according to a letter that diplomacy is "an acceptable solution under the corrupt regime. "


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