New Testament in Egypt. . . Hopes and ambitions

According to the Supreme Council of the armed forces ruling in Egypt after President Hosni Mubarak step down last Friday that he would try to hand over the state during the six months to civilian authority and an elected president.
And the same sources confirmed that the presence of the Supreme Council of the armed forces came to power in response to popular demand and that filling the vacuum left by the former President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.
And a statement by the Council is that it "does not seek power nor requested that the current situation imposed on the armed forces to be at the confidence of the people 
Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Hossam Zaki said that, of those contacts was there, and U.S. Secretary of State and British Foreign Secretary and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, and receive a call from President Abu Mazen. Abul-Gheit said that the development of his interlocutors on the latest developments that occur for several days in Egypt, pointing to the importance of alerting the parties to the international community to provide
support to the economy                                                                                                   


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