Ahmed Ezz identify the Gamal Mubarak, Jordan and his mother holds Israeli citizenship

Revealed Haaretz disclosed that the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Ezz organization, and a member of the Policy Committee in the ruling National Democratic Party, descended in the roots of family of Israel, as he married and his father, a retired general in the army, Abdel Aziz Ezz Israeli girl in 1956, the newspaper said: " The retired general in the army, Abdel Aziz al-Izz, he had married an Israeli girl in 1956, and had a son named "Ahmed."
This means that the businessman leader resigned from the NDP descended in the percentage of the mother's side to Israel, the newspaper said the Hebrew that the relationship between Ahmed Ezz son of Egyptian President Gamal Mubarak began at the upcoming economic conference in the Jordanian capital Amman in 1995, and by the friendship that has grown between them managed to Almighty to join the policy committee, which resigned a few days ago, and during that period, and specifically in 1997 he received Izz a loan from billionaire Italian named "Daniel", it was worth the then $ 600 million after obtaining an Italian businessman, a written guarantee from the Egyptian government, The purpose of the loan financing the project Ezz Special, which is set up steel plant of the arm in the Gulf of Suez, and also participated the Egyptian government in the project, when funded infrastructure, $ 3 billion, to become a glorified within a few months Iron Man first in Egypt and perhaps in the Arab world .


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