Russian Anna Chapman from within the Russian spies in America!

Many were deported from Russian spies from the United States, but surprisingly, the businesswoman Anna Belle Chapman was among the Russian spies who were recently deported, and therefore has been stripped of British nationality, and is expected to follow this entry to prevent Anna from traveling to Britain. And Anna was within ten Russians were arrested in the United States and confessed that they worked spies to Russia, but was deported to Russia through Vienna on Friday in a deal for the exchange of spies between Moscow and Washington. However, a lawyer I said that she wished to come to the United Kingdom being holds a passport British from a previous marriage. Says Andy Tai BBC that I'm becoming more members of the spy network, Russian Fame after some newspapers published pictures of her and the details about the Facebook site. And adds the BBC that the lawyer I have received a formal letter to cancel their nationality was also informed that her passport, the British no longer valid. It was Britain's Alex Chapman (30 years) occur earlier in July to present one of the newspapers about his marriage to Anna (28 years), which lasted four years. Alex said they met at a ceremony in 2002 in London and they married five months after that meeting. Alex said it had begun to change more rapidly and reached out to be a "secret meetings" with the Friends of Ross.
Says Dominique Kaskiani BBC that only six people were stripped of their British citizenship since the beginning of the application of this law in 2002


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