Mursi robe White achieves 500 thousand "Lake"

Image of President Mohamed Morsi he was inside his home and wearing robes white in color. Shows Egyptian President, sitting next to him several children and is seen smiling at them, which made visitors and pioneers of the "Face book" are handled is very, very quickly between all the social pages.
And achieved nearly 500 thousand Lake in only 5 hours from the beginning of the deployment, and flooded with thousands of comments on that picture, where many activists confirmed that that image was captured in a house Mursi area of ​​Fifth Avenue. The most prominent of those comments slogan echoed many of the activists as the title transfer is a "head of us live our midst," and wished him many success in his job because of the burdens severe existing now, especially with the severe economic crisis experienced by Egypt now and feel the citizens in the face of rising price of the dollar againstthe value of the pound.