Israel army prevented Assad from the use of a weapon, "the Day of Judgment!"

Israel barred Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons against his own people, and that before the Syrian army loaded on the aircraft.
The newspaper said that international cooperation unrivaled prevented the Syrian army to strike Syrian cities this weapon, after been mobilized missiles with chemicals, and the army was intended to load the aircraft about a month ago, and that the information thereon arrived in Israel which in turn informed the U.S. Department of Defense"Pentagon", which in turn had contacts with Russia, China and neighboring Arab states in order to put pressure on Assad to prevent the use of these weapons
As a result, these countries were directing a stern warning to Assad that does not use the so-called "doomsday weapon" against the people. It is noted that the Syrian opposition and the army free they emphasize about a month ago that the system used types of chemicals that caused damaged skin and bottlenecks to dozens of citizens, and confirmed the circles in the opposition that the system used types of gas chemical internationally banned by symptoms that appeared on the injured